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Dictation Machine, so the question on everyone's mind is how can a Rewind Dictation machine be better than using your cell phone for dictation.

The standalone rewind dictation machine has 4 major advantages to cell phone and dictation software on a PC.
The battery life on the machine is 50 hours of continuous recording even if you are traveling. 
Another key advantage is the high relation or HD recording format that the machine is using. The frequency response is about 10 times higher than a cell phone. Ok, so what does that mean? The Lawyers dictation machine with voice recognition  which is the highest you can get.
Cue and Review, Rewind Dictation machine is special for lawyers and has a 1 second boot up and is always ready to take your dictation.

Defining the role dictation machine plays in the daily life of a lawyer:

Now that we have cleared up the superiority for lawyers and professionals who want to dictate, we can discuss the major features of the Rewind Dictation machine. The dictation machine has on the side a slide control for your thumb which allow you to record, rewind and erase all with your thumb while dictating. 

Lawyers use their dictation equipment so much that only a thumb controlled unit will work in their daily life.

The onscreen information tells you how long you have dictated, the name of the file, what is your machines name, and how much battery life is left. After you have connected the dictation equipment to your computer or Mac the automation begins. The dictation audio files are .mp3 and are processed off the machine and moved to the computer. Next, they are routed to a secretary or a local network to who is responsible for transcribing the dictation files. Yes, it's that easy. We have full support and a 30 day money back guarantee, that you will love it and be very satisfied with our Rewind Dictation machine. Buy now and start enjoying easy dictating.
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    Posted by Wyatt P. on 5th Jun 2016

    I have been searching Google for a dictation recorder that I can use with my law firm. I love having the slide control, it makes my job as a lawyer easier. When dictating, dictation allows lawyers to save a ton of time sayings simple documents, reduce time consuming meetings into money generating transcripts. Using dictation as a work tool you’ll likely be recording your dictation for later transcription by a secretary. To do it, you’ll need a decent quality digital dictation voice recorder machine device.

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