Understanding & installing a transcription software kit 101


Understanding Transcription kits & Software 

This page is intended for colleges and educational programs and students, who need to understand how to use and install transcription software. 

help-icon.pngThe definition of a Digital Transcription kit or also commonly called a digital transcriber is:  transcription software installed on your PC or Mac that can play an audio or video file. The transcription software has the built in ability to be controlled by a usb PC enabled foot pedal. The pedal commands the software to stop and start when the foot is removed from the play button on the pedal. The software will then back space the audio/dictation file and play it again once your foot is put back on the play button. Simply put, these 2 components combined (foot pedal/software) are what comprises the modern day transcription kit. 

  • hen click "Finish" and finally click "Ok"


What is digital transcription?


Answer: Digital transcription is the artificial Intelligence typed (text) conversion from an audio recording.

How does a digital recorder work?

Answer: Digital voice recorders record to internal memory or SD Cards. After recordings are made a connection to a computer is done via a USB cable. 

How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

Answer: It takes around 3 hours of transcription for 1 hour of audio. This ratio ensures the accuracy of the transcribing. 

Transcription software with foot pedal

What is a foot pedal used for in transcription?

USB foot pedal (also called a transcriber foot pedal) is used in transcription because it allows you to control dictation playback with the foot. You can rewind, play, and fast forward by tapping different sections of the pedal with the front of your foot.


How to use a Transcription Kit and Dictation Machine


A simple guide to using a Dictation Machine & Transcription Kit
  •  Recording the information on the digital dictation machine recorder.
  •  Docking the digital dictation machine to the computer using the USB cable. If the dictation machine comes with a charging cradle use it. The dictation recorder will upload the dictation audio files to the secretaries computer.
  • When the dictation recorder uploads it files the audio files. The dictation files are deleted off the recorder.
  • The secretaries receive a notification about the available dictation files. The files now can be transcribed into text.
  • The file is noted as complete in the transcription management software and is sent on for a final review.


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