Dictation Machine

Dictation Machine

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Definition: Answer: A Dictation Machine is a voice sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for later playback\transcribing or to be typed into print. It includes digital dictation machine that records the speaker's voice.

The name "Dictation Machine" is a Specialty item of the company Martel Electronics, but has also become a common term for all dictation machines, as a generalized term for dictation machines. 

Dictation Machine from the world's most authority on Dictation machines. 

A dictation machine is a voice recording hand held device most commonly used to record speech dictate for later playback or to be typed into the computer. It includes voice recorder and a transcription software with foot pedal. 

How can a Dictation machine help me as a lawyer?

If you are looking to purchase a dictation machine and need to know what are the differences in the dictation models, we can help. We are the worlds largest dictation machine website with the specialized information you need when picking a dictation machine.

Dictating Machine Definite Answer: A Dictating Machine is a handheld or desktop voice recording device that is capable of cue & Review. Cue & Review allows the person dictating to stop and rewind to record over their mistakes in the dictation. 

How to buy the right dictation machine for you.
The last year has had a lot of new dictation machines hit the market this year. Which dictation machine you chose depends on your profession.We will give the easiest way to buy a dictation machine.
3 Simple questions to ask before you buy a dictation machine
1. How much dictation do I do a day?
If you use your dictation machine for over 30 minutes a day you need ABA dictation machine.
2. Do I need to rewind, edit or insert dictation while recording?
If you need to correct your dictations. You need a professional dictation recorder with slide control. See the choices here.
3. What is your career?
If your career depends on dictation such as a lawyer. It is better to invest in an efficient dictation machine.
This simple formula will help you choose the correct dictation machine. The professional guide to dictation machines. We are the experts at this type of recording device. If you have any questions feel free to call or contact Martel Electronics.
Why are so many dictation machines failing lately?
This seems to be a question on a lot of users' minds. For the last couple of years. Dictation machines bought were inexpensive windows 7 recorders. Windows has moved its OS to Windows 10 causing these dictation machines to be obsolete. Buying a new Dictation Machine this year. You need to check out the OS operating recommendations.
Here are 3 easy steps to use before buying a dictation machine.
  1. Make sure the OS is Windows 10
  2. 2. Check the dictation equipment dealer
  3. 3. Only buy from Authorized dictation machine Manufactures representatives