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NO PC - Law Office Pro Dictation Machine Recorder and Transcriber Set for Lawyers

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  • Lawyers Dictation Recorder + Transcriber No PC
  • Lawyers Dictation Recorder/Transcriber
  • lawyers dictation recording equipment
  • Lawyers Dictation\Transcription system
  • Legal Dictation recorders special features Lawyers digital dictation machine package exclusive
  • Dictation\Transcription foot pedal
  • Philips Certified Master Professional Dictation Dealer
Sale Price $999.00


It works like an old dictation machine. You Get 2 professional dictation recorders in this package. One is for the lawyer or dictator and the second dictation machine is for transcribing. The second dictation machine has a foot pedal connected to it for the secretary. The memory card is just swapped back and forth between the lawyer and your secretary. 

This is kit is perfect for Lawyer's who want ultimate security. No Computers needed, No Internet needed, hand SD memory cards back and fourth between the lawyer and secretary just like tapes. 

If your law firm is working on sensitive cases that you don't want on computers or the internet for hackers to access, this is your kit. 

This dictation\transcription system is a favorite of Grand juries around the country. Completely secure, Simple tape recorder, slide switch and Superior audio quality make it a great choice for attorneys working on big cases. The more important the case, the more sensitive the dictation you are building. This technology will let you sleep at night knowing your client, attorney rights are protected against the internet hackers. Since there is nothing connected to the computer there is now way any dictation can escape you law office or firm.  

The package includes a handheld dictation machine recorder with a thumb slide-switch for easy control of the lawyer. The secretary receives another hand held dictation recorder for playback with docking station, headphones and foot pedal. After the lawyer completes their sensitive dictation, they simply hand the memory card to the secretary, just like they would a cassette tape. Next, the secretary inserts the memory card into the playback unit with foot pedal and begins transcribing. It's that easy, no computer needed for this legal dictation.

The lawyers digital dictator with desktop transcriber package allows you to work in the same way you would with traditional tape-based transcription. This is a business tool that brings real added value. The lawyers package features hands-free listening to dictation, Workflow Management and the ability to store a substantial amount of workflow information. Replace your cassette tape dictation system without having to learn a new technology, due to the easy to use interface.

Product Highlights

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Specs + In the Box

  • (2) Professional Lawyer Digital Dictation Recorder
  • (1) Secretaries Heavy Duty Foot pedal
  • (1) Philips Headset
  • (2) USB Docking Cradle & Ac Adapters
  • (2) 8GB SDHC memory Card
  • (2) SpeechExec Pro Dictate Dictation Management Software
  • (2) Micro-USB cable
  • (2) Carrying Case
  • (2) User manual
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    So interesting, this is differently a one of kind dictation equipment for lawyers

    Posted by Sebastian III on 11th Jul 2014

    e as lawyers working in the legal field are all paranoid about our cases. I love the idea that the dictation equipment is digital but none of the files are ever downloaded to a computer. This maximizes security, especially since my law firm is working on expensive cases where secrecy is highly prized. I can dictate the cases into the recorder and hand the card to my secretary, she puts the card into her recorder with foot pedal and headset and types it up on a non internet computer. Learn how to update your dictation and transcription into the digital era without compromising your security. This is worlds only digital dictation equipment that is no pc based. I think every lawyers should know about this product. Questions and answers, its not cheap but there are too many digital dictation recorders to chose from. Do not buy one as a lawyer until you read my reviews. there are 2 main categories of dictation recorders. All of them at this point are digital. The main difference slide control or push-button thumb operation, hands-free recording. The push button dictation recorders in my opinion are a waste of time, you can not rewind and record over mistakes, huge time waster for my secretary. This lawyers dictation recorder keeps track of my dictations by time and date and I can even name them. Its critical that you keep private dictation recordings of clients off the pc. "putting dictation files on any pc or server makes them accessible to thieves." I hope this answers specific questions that lawyers have about dictation equipment, it took me some time to learn and research this specifically for lawyers. Years of <a href=""> Lawyers dictation equipment</a> purchases and buying of different brands of dictation equipment like sony, philips, olympus and lanier. Heres the FAQ questions? 1. Is the recorder making digital dictation audio files, where are they on the recorder? answer: they dictation files are stored on a sd card on the top of the recorder. 2. Can I switch cards like tapes? answer: yes nothing changes its works just like you old fashioned tape\cassette dictation equipment. 3. Does it run on batteries? answer: it has a rechargeable battery pack and a cradle that plugs into the wall for recharging, dont have to ever buy batteries again, super advantage. 4. How long can I dictate on the lawyers dictation package? answer: around 100 hours per card but you can buy larger cards virtually unlimited. 5. how much do the sd cards cost to buy? answer: $8-$19 each. 6. Can the lawyers digital dictation equipment be used with dragon voice recognition? answer: yes they have a <a href="">special legal lawyers edition of dragon voice recognition</a> you can buy from Martel, it has special features and voice prompts for lawyers.

  • 5
    Highest security dictation\transcription system for grand juries or private law firms

    Posted by Trevor U. on 2nd Jun 2014

    This was a great purchase for of law office. It allows us to use a digital dictation machine without connecting it to a pc. This allows us the utmost security for our clients and us. the entire dictation system works just like our old tape dictation machines.

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