Courtroom Recorders

Courtroom Recorders

DM246 is a digital courtroom recording equipment system multi-channel audio stand alone recorder.

DM246 is our court recording system is the perfect answer for your court recording needs. The 4 channel Courtroom recorder is designed around the highest standard to meet all of you court recording requirements. The DM246 recorder is engineered to meet all of you court recording systems expectations. Courtroom Reporting and Transcription Exclusive equipment. 

DM246 is perfect for any court (State or Federal, County, City) and is portable, stand alone no network needed.

Our court recording software gives you complete control over audio evidence from court proceedings. DM246 is currently used in all of the judicial system(Federal, State and Municipal, & City).

For a high stakes trial, you need a serious courtroom recorder.

You need multiple channels and a variety microphones to place around the courtroom. You can't always rely on computer based systems that crash and fail. Our solid state court recording equipment below works like the old Sony BM-246 and Lanier LCT5D 4 channel recorders, but in a higher quality, safer digital format.