Complete Guide to a buying Dictation Machine.

A dictation machine is the most productive tool a lawyer can use. The problem arises from which one to buy. There are currently 103 dictation machines on the market today. They range from a few dollars to six hundred dollars. So let us break it down for the consumer. Here is what you need to know. 

Question: What is a dictation Machine?

Answer: A dictation machine is a voice recording machine most commonly used to record dictations. The voice files are then typed up by a person or a voice recognition software. They are all digital voice recorders now!

Consumer user versus professional user of a dictation machine.

There is a simple test to figure out which type of machine you will need. The first question, do you need to rewind. If you need to rewind and correct mistakes you are a professional user. Congratulations. The price range is going to be $300 to $500 depending on the software.

2 Types of Dictation machine

The first type of dictation machine is a push to record type of recorder. You can not rewind but you must push a button to start recording. Not the greatest if you dictate allot. The best dictation machine is a slide control. Slide the controller up to recorder and hold it down to rewind. Then you can insert and correct your dictations. Super helpful for lawyers.
guide for lawyers who are buying a dictation machine for the law firms.
Lawyers Dictation Machine
Today 93% of lawyers use a dictation machine. In its most common form its a stand-alone recorder. Some lawyers use a smartphone. buy a dictation machine for a lawyer is straight forward and easy. They always need this official lawyer's dictation machine.
Dictation Machine Computer software
The professional line of dictation machines come with routing and collection management software. Connecting the dictation machine to the computer starts the software. The software routes the dictation files to the transcriber. The files are also stored on the law firm server. Here is where the dictation machines software can help you. The software can open Dragon voice recognition and help transcribe the files. This is a huge advantage for a dictation machine over a consumer voice recorder.
Dictation Transcription Machine
Getting the dictation machines files typed up. The most common way to transcribe is by using transcription software. The transcription software plays the dictation machines files. There is often a USB foot pedal to control the file included. The transcription software can speed up document creation by 65%.
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A complete list of Dictation Machine Terms:
  • rofessional Lawyers Dictation Machine - Uses a slide control to Insert, Append & Overwrite.
  • Advanced Recording Features means you can chose to organize your recordings.
  • Voice activated recording (VCVA) Stop and starts the recorder when sound it heard.
  • Microphone sensitivity: 3 Levels (High/Middle/Low)(Conference Mode = Auto)
  • Insert, Overwrite, Append, Partially erase: Only with DSS Pro & DSS (Overwrite & Append: also WAV)
  • Index Marks Per File: 32 (DSS Pro/WAV/MP3), 16 (DSS) - Marks spots of the recording to skip back.
  • DS2 is a higher quality files than a .dss created just for Dragon voice recognition protocol.
  • Level meter, VCVA indicator - Show the recording levels on your dictation machine
  • Folders: Clients (name changeable)
  • Hands-free dictation - record on your dictation machine without touching it physically. 
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec - locks you files from being heard by unauthorized persons 
  • stand-alone transcription machine - Plug a foot pedal directly into your dictation machine without a computer. 
  • Full-duplex recording with headphones
  • Speed: Slow/Normal/Fast
  • Volume level: Adjustable from 0 to 30
  • Cue / Review
  • Recording Formats DSS / DSS Pro / WAV / MP3
  • DSS Audio File. A . dss (Digital Speech Standard) file is a special proprietary audio file format. This format used by Olympus and Philips dictation machines.
  • Professional Speech Processing Software for dictation machine to manage audio files.
  • Author IDs: a dictation machine can be shared by different users.
  • Work-types: Organized dictation based on work types.
  • Priority: High/Normal make certain dictation files priority to be transcribed.
  • Verbal comments (up to 32 per file), Text editor, Pending, File lock. Speech recognition for certain buttons on your dictation machine.
  • Programmable buttons - Change the way the top 3 button work to fit you dictating needs.