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  • Olympus DM620 replacement DM720
  • New Olympus DM-720 direct replacement for the DM-620
  • DM720 microphones
  • Side DM720
  • Back Side of the DM7290
  • DM720 SD card
  • Side DM720
  • Olympus DM720 side with External microphone input and headset input
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Olympus DM720 digital voice recorder. 

Main features

  • TRESMIC - Three microphone system for high-quality sound recording
  • Extensive playback functionality for efficient transcription
  • Lightweight, high quality metal body
  • Attachment usable as both a clip and a stand
  • Direct PC connection for convenient data storage and charging

Product Description

The top of the class DM-720 includes high quality recording features packed into an efficient, smart metal body.  It’s equipped with an easy-to-use interface, extended editing operations and various playback functions. The DM-720 provides outstanding practicality and reliability to support your recording needs.

High-quality recording

“TRESMIC” Three-microphone system for superior sound

The DM-720 features a three microphone system that includes both directional and omnidirectional microphones to faithfully capture the depth and fullness of the sounds recorded. Two microphones are arranged at a 90° angle to produce a natural stereo experience, with an independent central microphone to capture lower bass frequencies and deliver premium sound. This Tresmic combination provides a wide frequency range for the most demanding professionals.

Zoom microphone for recording from a distance

Using the latest technologies, zoom microphone unleashes the power of proximity in noisy environments or when recording from a distant position. The zoom microphone allows you to expand and contract the microphone range by adjusting the direction with the "+" and "-" buttons on the recorder.

Compact recorder with 48 kHz/ 16 bit linear PCM recording

Create high quality recordings using linear PCM format.  With  a sampling frequency of 48 kHz, the PCM format easily surpasses CD-quality audio.  While this feature may exceed everyday business needs, when selecting this bit rate and sampling frequency, users can readily make CDs of their own recordings.

Automatic sensitivity adjustment with Intelligent Auto Mode

The Intelligent Auto Mode function automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity according to the input level. To set this function, simply select 'Auto' for the recording level from the menu. This function makes it easy for users by automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity according to the volume of the speaker.  Let Intelligent Auto Mode keep your recordings consistent, by not having speakers too quiet or too loud.

Low-cut filter eliminates extraneous noise

The low-cut filter is used to eliminate sound at frequencies lower than 300 Hz during the recording process.  Some examples of low frequency sounds include air conditioner noise, projector fans, and heavy winds. By cutting the lower frequency sounds during recording your audio is free of background noise and distortion during playback.

Playback functions

Create meeting minutes efficiently with Voice Playback

The Voice Playback function allows you to skip non-voice parts during playback, and only play the parts of the file where there is vocal content.  Voice Playback saves time and improves efficiency during transcription.

Voice Balancer delivers audio quality that is easier to hear

The Voice Balancer function works during playback, the volume of recorded voices is adjusted to make dialogue easier to hear.  This feature works great in combination with the Intelligent Auto Mode which is used to ensure recording quality. When voices are at different volume levels due to the distance and physical relationship to the recorder, the Voice Balancer automatically makes smaller voices louder, and ensures that louder voices stay below a given level, providing playback where everyone is audible. This comes in handy when recording sound sources from many positions, such as in a large meeting or conference.  The voice filter function operates simultaneously, and reduces the prominent noise produced when amplifying small sounds. By eliminating the lower and higher frequencies during playback, recorded voice is further enhanced.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality

The noise cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds such as air conditioner noise or projector fan noise to enable clear playback quality. This function is effective during playing back.

Create meeting minutes efficiently with "Transcription mode"

Transcription mode comes in handy when creating minutes from recordings. While transcribing, users frequently repeat play, and stop to check the text.  In Transcription Mode, the recorder will automatically playback the 3 seconds before the stop, so you can check the contents before proceeding.  On the other hand, fast forward is preset to 3.5x so you can skip the silence in your recording.

Effective language learning through Speech Shadowing

Speech shadowing is an effective technique to learn foreign language by repeating the subject right after hearing it. This mode helps you learn languages by having the audio playback, and then silently playback repeatedly, so you can easily practice speech. Simply identify the speech to be played back repetitively by indicating the position in the file where it starts and stops.


Direct PC connection without a cable

The DM-720 can connect directly to your PC via the built-in USB connector. This makes it possible to save data anytime, anywhere. Not only can you save and share data, but the DM-720 can also be charged via USB.  All operations of recording, saving, sharing, and charging can be performed on this single, smart and easy-to-use voice recorder.

Clip Stand Attachment

Included with this recorder is a handy attachment that can be fastened to the rear of the recorder body for use as a stand or clip. The clip can be attached to your pocket or notebook for easy access or it can be used as a stand to direct the recorder towards the audio source.

Voice guidance and other usability improvements

The voice guidance feature provides audio announcements of the recorders operations in an easy to understand spoken voice. For further ease-of-use, the buttons are designed so the recorder can be maneuvered without looking at the display.

The File Divide function makes it easier to handle longer recordings

Large audio files can be divided on the recorder without the use of a PC.  Split and divide files, by topic or size for easy file management.

microSD card slot add extra memory cards

The DM-720 includes a micro SD card slot that supports cards up to 32 GB in size. You can select whether to use the 4GB of built-in memory or a micro SD card from the recorder menu. This recorder is the exact replacement for the DM-620 Olympus recorder. 

The DM-720 box contents include

  • AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery × 1
  • Stand clip
  • Instruction manuala
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    great sound.

    Posted by Jen P. on 12th Dec 2019

    this is an expensive back for depos.

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