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#1 Selling USB Court Reporter Microphone
  • Elite Court Reporter multiple microphone package
  • The only USB Court Reporter microphone made exclusively for Court Reporting  Over 200 Feet of pick up range
  • Court Reporter microphone
  • Supreme Elite Court Reporter 3 microphone package protected Elegant Hard shell Case
  • Over 93% of all Court Reporters buy their microphones from Martel Electronics
  • The White M is the Official microphone of Court Reporting
  • The worlds only High Definition USB Court Reporting Microphone package Gold Edition
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Court Reporter: Social Distancing Deposition and Court Room Microphone Solution

Live Headphone Monitor to increase your hearing!

Elite USB Court Reporter USB Multiple Microphone System has our most sensitive 360-degree microphone. (3 of them!) The USB-powered microphone, NO batteries!
The Elite Court reporter USB microphone plugs directly to your laptop. It comes with three microphone heads all in one simple-to-use package for the busy court reporter.
Perfect for Webcam speaker systems to do live depositions via Zoom.
The package includes three external court reporter microphones. It has 12 feet of extension cables with each microphone. Set a microphone on the judge's bench and another on the witness. This still has enough power to pick up the entire courtroom. The external microphones daisy chain one into another, creating a simple but great-sounding microphone array.  As a Court Reporter, you know how frustrating it is to not hear the witness or judge. We have the answer to your issue. The Elite Court Reporter microphone is designed to pick up voice 200 feet around you. Guaranteed to give you the best audiosync quality of your life.
This is the perfect microphone for picking up voices when people are wearing facemasks.
The Elite Court Report USB microphone has an input for more microphones. You can plug in up to four sidebar wireless microphones or 16 wired microphones.
The world's only high-definition USB Court Reporting Microphone package, Elite Edition This USB court reporter microphone is the best microphone for court reporters...

The only Court Reporter USB microphone package that is just plug and play.

The biggest problem with microphones today is that you need to add software or drivers. It is way too complicated for court reporters. The Martel HGMUSB3 package is plug and play. Yeah, never have to install the software again, it works with plugging it into your laptop. 

We have listened to all court reporters in the country for the last 64 years. Almost all or 93% of court reporters purchase their microphones for Case CATalyst and Eclipse from Martel. This USB court reporter microphone kit is designed for courtrooms deposition rooms that are large.

A peace-of-mind device!!! Super USB Court Reporter Microphone 

I had bought a competitor’s microphone for $200 plus & the sound quality was terrible and sounded like a tin can. Martel’s USB 3 microphone is awesome, sound quality, which gives me total peace of mind for backup! I am very pleased with being able to place 3 microphones discreetly where needed in the courtroom. Nobody even knows! I fully recommend this mic. It takes your worry of a “rough writing patch” away!

-Official Court Reporter Stephanie m. CSR

The Martel's exclusive Court Reporter Microphones are special for Court Reporters

Often imitated but never duplicated. They filter out background noise.
You will never have to install drivers or software to filter noise with our microphones. 


  • Over 200 Feet of pick up voice range 
  • Above Professional sensitivity, high quality microphone
  • Record sound in all directions equally of all 3 court reporter microphones 
  • 360 Degree Pick up voice range
  • Superior noise filtering technology surpasses the performance of complicated software
  • You can add up to 16 more Martel Microphones to this package, Expandable
  • Live Monitor 
  • Microphone plug one into another making a simple daisy chain 
  • Does Not Need any batteries, runs off the USB socket 
  • Compatible with all USB ports 
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 
USB Court Reporter Microphone package includes:
  • 3 microphone 'plug in power' No batteries 
  • 2- 12 Feet Extension cables for the conference microphones
  • 2 Pro Martel Audio Grabbers 
  • Headsets for real-time monitoring 
  • Free Hard Shell Pro Carrying Case 
  • Martel export telephone 800-553-5536 support for any questions 
  • 3 Year Warranty the longest in the world! 
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Specs + In the Box

USB Court Reporter Microphone package includes: 3 microphone 'plug in power' No batteries 2- 12 Feet Extension cables for the GOLD EDITION bench conference microphones 2 Pro Martel Audio Grabbers Headsets for real-time monitoring Free Hard Shell Pro Carrying Case Martel export telephone 800-553-5536 support for any questions 3 Year Warranty the longest in the world!
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Additional Information

#1 Case CATalyst & Eclipse USB Microphones
USB Court Reporter Microphone
Plug and Play no software required for the microphone
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Just what I needed!

    Posted by Jen U. on 25th Jun 2022

    Solved all my courtroom recording issues. I now hear the entire courtroom perfectly. Amazing clear recordings.

  • 5
    I can hear the judge now

    Posted by Marsha A. on 13th Dec 2019

    I work in a large court and I could not hear the judge and witness. I bought the Supreme USB court reporter microphone from Martel 3 weeks ago. Austin logged into my computer and adjusted it for me. Wow, it is amazing. I can hear my judge's sidebars now. Thanks, Martel.

  • 5
    I can hear everything!

    Posted by C. Lashley on 10th Oct 2019

    My bench conferences was my concern until I bought these mics. I have to turn it down sometimes because they are powerful. A great investment ever. I have one on the bench, one in front of the judge, and one at the witness’s seat.

  • 5
    Almost too Powerful of a microphone

    Posted by Wendy A. on 30th Nov 2018

    They were not kidding on how powerful this microphone for court reporters is. I am picking up the jury in their seats over 63 feet away from me. Now I do not have to get up with my system and get closer hear. Love that!

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