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Marantz PMD620MKII Replacement Olympus 9

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  • Marantz pmd620 MKII
  • Marantz pmd620 MKII
  • Marantz pmd620 MKII replacement
  • Marantz pmd620 MKII replacement
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 Marantz PMD620 Olympus Replacement 9 More 2X More Powerful than a Marantz PMD620 MKII
If you have had a Marantz PMD620 in the past and love the audio recordings you will love the Olympus 9. What is the Olympus 9 Court Reporter Recorder? It's a Olympus Pro digital recorder that Martel has added features to the recorder. It has one the world's best highly sensitive microphones that are built into the recorder. Olympus 9 recorder has an ac adapter so you can plug it into the wall for power all day. The Olympus 9 has a built-in rechargeable battery capable of 15 hours of use without ac. So if your power goes off in your courtroom the SRM will continue to record. The files are organized named by time and date. You can plug your headphones into the recorder and head 600% better than you ears can. 
The Sony S1 does not have a remote jack for a foot pedal. You have to use a transcription kit such as the All N One Transcription kit here.

Sony simply has one of the most powerful microphones in the world built into the recorder.

You do not have to use an external microphone. The S1 recorder comes with a 32gb memory card which gives you as a court reporter 464 hours of .mp3 recordings. It can record in either .wav or .mp3. 

SRM Special Features:

  • Best Built in microphones 
  • You can listen with headphones improve your hearing by 300%
  • Record's in .wav and mp3
  • Comes with Ac wall adapter 
  • Has built in USB plug for down loading to pc
  • Compatible with Windows 10 & 11 and Mac
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & 8
  • Has 32GB memory card 
  • Record .mp3 stereo 278 hours on SD card
  • Has a external microphone jack
  • Has a external Headphone jack
  • Dimensions 4.76" x 1.96" x .73"
  • Weight 4.1 ounce's 

Olympus 9 Court Reporter Recorder Model 9 Package includes:

  • Olympus professional Recorder 9
  • Martel Microphone Settings
  • Ac Power supply
  • 32 Gb Memory card
  • Soft Carrying Case


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Warranty Information

  • Olympus 9 Marantz PMD620 Replacement
  • USB Cable + Ac Adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Martel Telephone one on one support free
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1 Review

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    So much better than the Marantz pmd620 review

    Posted by Jennifer A on 19th Aug 2017

    When I got the new replacement recorder last week, I was shocked on how nice it was. The recorder has a nice color screen. The unit has a built in rechargeable battery that last 30 hours. My old marantz pmd620 batteries only lasted 3 hours. In addition is a tiny bit smaller which is nice. The shell is stainless steel and beautiful. Recording is simple just slide the switch up to record and then you can hold it down and it rewinds like a tape recorder. That is awesome if you want to do a instant read back. Once you are in record you will see a bar on the screen bouncing up and down in red showing the voices are being recorded. It has unlimited tracks like the marantz pmd620. There is a new button that allows you to start a new job and keep the depositions or court docs separate. They added a time date information on each recording so you look and know instantly the date the recording was made. Above all the units recording sound better than the marinate pmd620. I tried both without microphones and the new one pick up voices better. One more thing when you plug the foot pedal into the recorder, you can now slow the voices and speed up the voices on the recorder. Amazing. My old marantz pmd620 could not do that. Overall Martel made the new unit superior in every way over the older marantz unit.

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