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Executive 4 Microphone Conference Recorder Kit Exclusive

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  • Worlds only 4 Microphone Conference Recorder Equipment package
  • 4 Microphone Conference Recorder Equipment package
  • Sony Meeting Recorder
  • Executive 4 Microphone Conference Recorder Kit Exclusive
  • Sony Meeting Recorder
  • Sony Meeting Recorder
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Executive, Professional Conference Meeting Recorder package 

If you are having important meetings with more than 15 people and you have to get a perfect recording, every time, and it has to be bullet proof and easy, this is your meeting recorder. Not only is it small portable and powerful, but you cannot make a mistake with our simple record remote control. This is also one of the most professional looking systems. The audio is broadcast quality in the universal format of. mp3 so any computer can replay your recordings. 

Bonus Case

Dictation and Transcription for Conferences and Business Meetings

The 4 Microphone Conference Recording package is a unique item meeting recorder. It is the only 4 microphones, conference recorder being made in the world today. It allows you to hook up 4 professional microphones by plugging them directly into the digital recorder without having to use a complicated mixer.  This system includes the Sony Professional meeting recorder, 4 professional cigar microphones, 4 10 foot cables and 4 professional table-top microphone stands. It can record as little as 6 up to 100 people at one time in a conference room. The 4 microphone recorder is truly a juggernaut or super hero for many people! We also have a 4-4 wireless microphone system for use in recording conferences or business meeting, city council or any place you need it. It comes with an AC adapter and also works off 6 AA batteries for portable use. All this equipment would fit in a small travel bag or purse. 

The Martel 4 Microphone package is a professional conference recorder with the ability to accept XLR microphones. It has a vast number of features such as recording to an SDHC Card (4 gig included). It uses phantom power to the microphone jacks to power external microphones, or you can use battery powered microphones with the recorder. This is perfect for recording meetings/interviews, city council conferences, or just any courtroom that needs a backup recorder. It also has inputs and outputs for PA systems. We also manufacture a 4 Channel Recording and Transcription System, which comes with a Digital Conference Microphone Kit. If you have searched for an 4 microphone system before you know it's a very hard item to find. We have included in the package all the cables, stands and accessories you will ever need. This is a great answer to a conference recording/transcribing system.

Superior Voice Recordings: 

  A high-resolution 24-bit / 96 kHz recording option means quality is never an issue when recording to the supplied SD flash card.  Compatibility with SDHC media means cards up to 32 GB in size  can be used. 


  • Professional XLR microphone connectors, RCA, I/O put 
  • Large LCD
  • Records and playback. Mp3 or Wav.
  • 48 Volt Phantom power
  • Build in Powerful Stereo microphones with pick up range of 35 feet.
  • Built in speaker and headset jack
  • Inputs for line and microphone level.
  • 3.5 stereo microphone inputs
  • Two XLR microphone inputs
  • Two 1/4 inch microphone inputs
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Specs + In the Box

  • Professional Sony Conference Meeting Audio Recorder
  • (4) Professional Microphones with 10 ft. of cable
  • (4) Microphone stands
  • (2) Y cables
  • (1) Record Remote
  • (1)32gig card
  • User manual
  • AC Power cable
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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Digital Court Recording

    Posted by Crystal T. Official Court Reporter on 31st Jul 2017

    I had my digital audio recording set up on a computer. One day, the computer didn't want to turn on, it was dead, and I had to scramble as I had a depo starting in 30 minutes. So in my search for something better, I found this recorder. It is AWESOME! I don't have to worry about "Will my computer crash today?" I get clear audio sound all the time, every time I use it. Best of all, all my equipment now fits in a smaller case, and it's much lighter, so I'm not lugging around a lot of weight anymore.

  • 5
    My business needed a 8 microphone recording for conferences with wireless microphones

    Posted by Bill A. on 26th Oct 2014

    I tried to use wireless conference recorders in the past but between changing or charging the batteries I could never get all of them working at the same time. Also I have wireless microphones interference from everyone's iphones. I tried to use a app for recording on my ipad but that also was a disaster when I ran out of space and it didn't finalize the audio file. That is when I had to do some real research into a solid state conference recorder with 8 microphones. I am very pleased with the audio quality. The best part is that I can burn as many cds on the spot as everyone wants and they can listen to it in their cars or computers. Each cd can hold around 20 hours of audio.

  • 5
    Just for the 8 microhone meeting recorder last week

    Posted by Milley O. on 22nd Oct 2014

    I thought to my self some has to make a 6 to 8 microphone digital conference recording system. I love that its a plug and play system that doesn't need a computer. I set up the 8 microphones and connected it to the digital recorder. Bam it worked right out of the box. I even did not have to read the manual. Love that.

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