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Ultimate Court Reporter Microphone Mixer

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  • Court Reporter microphone mixer
  • The Court reporter mixer 4 channel
  • court reporter microphone mixer 4 channel
  • Court Reporter USB Microphone Mixer
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 Court Reporter microphone mixer allows you to connect four Court Reporter microphones into a laptop or steno machine or digital recorder.


Tired of juggling multiple microphones to capture clear audio during legal proceedings? This versatile mixer is the ultimate solution for court reporters. With the ability to connect 4 microphones into your laptop, steno machine, or digital recorder, you can finally record with ease. No more microphone headaches during critical moments! Stress-Free Audio Recording for Court Reporters - Introducing the Ultimate Microphone Mixer 


  • Connect up to 4 microphones for seamless multi-channel recording
  • Built-in 24-bit/96kHz audio module provides pristine sound quality
  • USB and 1/8" outputs allow simultaneous recording to laptop and digital recorder
  • Monitor audio live with your own headphones for confidence during recording


With the Ultimate Court Reporter Microphone Mixer, you can focus on your job while capturing every word clearly. Perfect for court reporters who need reliable, efficient audio recording capabilities right at their fingertips. Make your job easier and record with confidence! 


Now you can focus on your job without any microphone headaches. With plug-and-play convenience, you can set up in seconds and relax knowing every word is being captured accurately. Say goodbye to garbled audio and transcription errors! The Ultimate Microphone Mixer is the court reporter's secret weapon for flawless recordings. Join the audio revolution today!


Want to plug 4 microphones into your digital recorder, but there's only 1 microphone jack on it?

This Martel mixer has USB audio transmission; this microphone mixer offers a built-in 24-bit / 96kHz audio module. The USB cable allows the mixer to be connected to a laptop. It also has a standard 1/8 cable output for a digital audio recorder. The mixer can simultaneously output to a laptop and a digital recorder. Perfect back for court reporters. You can also live-monitor with your headsets. Amazing!

 The Martel mixer's USB audio transmission capability makes it incredibly versatile, allowing users to connect it to their laptops for seamless recording. Its standard 1/8 cable output also provides the convenience of connecting to a digital audio recorder for high-quality recordings. With the ability to simultaneously output to a laptop and a digital recorder, this mixer is an ideal choice for court reporters requiring efficient and reliable equipment. Moreover, the option to live monitor using personal headsets adds more confidence.  

This mixer has 3.5 or 1/8" inputs, if your microphone has 1/8 connectors. You can use battery powered and non battery powered microphones. Plus, it works properly with the court, reporting software on your laptop. You can use Dynamic, Battery powered, 1.5 phantom and also 48v phantom microphones. You can mix and match your choice of type of microphones. 

Here's how you can do just that. The 4 Channel Microphone Mixer is one of the only mixers in the world to be modified for "microphone level". This means it will work with just about any digital voice recorder.

Most mixers are "line level" and will only work with mixing boards and stereo systems. Our modification gives you the opportunity to space up to 4 microphones around the room, ensuring full coverage of the largest rooms.

This mixer has 3.5 or 1/8" inputs, if your microphone has 1/8 connectors. You can use battery powered and non battery powered microphones. Plus, it works properly with the court, reporting software on your laptop.

This mixer is a one of kind products since Martel Electronics modifies it to work with Court Reporter laptops and steno machines. 

The Martel Court Reporter Mixer 4 is perfect, Unlike other mixers supporting only standard microphones, the Martel mixer 4 allows you to simultaneously make use of 4 channels of audio for microphones of different kinds! Such as battery powered microphones and no battery powered microphones. Truly revolutionary for Court Reporters. 

Works with Eclipse Software, Stenograph, Stenocat, Procat, and all other CAT software programs.

Court Reporter Microphone Mixer includes:

  • Martel Professional Court Reporter microphone mixer modified  
  • Output Cable for laptop or digital recorder or steno writer 
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual 


  • Gain: 45dBm
  • Current consumption :300mA (max)
  • Power supply :USB 5V/1A Adaptor
  • Dimensions :101 x 81 x 16 mm/ 3.9" x 3.1" x 0.6"
  • Weight :121 g / 4.3 oz (body)

Benefits from buying from Martel 

  • We offer a complete, unconditional guarantee on this product. No questions asked for returns.
  • Our 1-800 support number takes you directly to a LIVE support person that has full knowledge of this product
  • We can log in into your computer and set it up if you need help.
  • We have been in business for over 63 years.
  • This item is in stock and you can select the shipping method of your choice.
  • Our Site is secure, and we use an SSL secure server for credit card or PayPal transactions. 


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Specs + In the Box

  • Mic Level Mixer
  • USB Cable
  • Output Cable
  • AC Power Plug
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Additional Information

Input Type:
Mixer Class:
Mic Level
Input Plug Size:
1/8" (3.5mm) & 1/4"
Output Plug Size:
1/8" (3.5mm)
Power Source:
AC Adapter or 9 volt battery
6"w x 3.25"h x 1.25"d
1.5lb (.5Kg)
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Exactly what I wanted. Martel has great customer support.

    Posted by Peggy d. on 9th Feb 2023

    Exactly what I wanted. Martel has great customer support. I have shopped with them for years and as always a great experience. I send my court reporting students to them for items they need. Thanks Guys, Peggy Daniels

  • 5
    Perfect Court reporter microphone mixer

    Posted by Carleton A. on 21st Dec 2015

    More and more customers are requiring audio backup recordings to confirm that you 'got everything' on the record. This mixer will allow you to mix together up to 8 microphones and send them to two different recording devices. So much flexibility in such a little box. We loan these mixers out to reporters working on specific projects for us. They are very sturdy and I expect that they will last a long time even with the wear and tear 'loaned' equipment inevitably gets. They do not take up much room in your bag and are perfect for depositions and hearings.

  • 5
    Horrible room set-up, Mixer fixed it

    Posted by Sahron O. on 19th May 2015

    Sometimes work in a room with microphones that "only go to the internal recording system." They do not amplify voices. How dumb is that. Well, the mixer solved my problem.

  • 5
    Court reporter microphone mixer, 5/22/2009

    Posted by Janice P. on 30th Apr 2014

    Court reporter microphone mixer. I love this small portable court reporter mixer I bought from Martel. It can be powered by battery or an ac adapter. I can control the courts microphones from this court reporter mixer. I would recommend it to my fellow NCRA members.

  • 5

    Posted by Sammy J. on 30th Apr 2014

    I have always ordered all my recording and transcription equipment from Martel. This court reporter microphone mixer is truly remarkable. It can take both a 1/4 plug microphone and a 1/8 microphone at the same time. That means I dont have to hunt around for adaptors for the microphones ends. Its also easy and can run on AC power or battery. It's the best. Once again Martel has come through for the Court Reporter.

  • 5
    Plug in 4 microphones and get a great recording, 11/22/2010

    Posted by Melissa S. on 30th Apr 2014

    You can plug 4 microphones into this small easy mixer and one cable comes out of it you can plug into a tape recorder\digital recorder or microphone input jack on a laptop, it does everything you need it to. It mixes the audio recording of deposition testimony perfectly. I run it on the power supply it came with or I can use a 9 volt battery when I can plug into AC. I have used it with a tape recorder and now I use it with a digital recorder. I would hesitate to use it in a courtroom or deposition audio recordings.

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