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Zoom USB Multiple Microphones System

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  • Free Shipping Hard-shell Case for Zoom Multiple microphone kits
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Zoom USB Multiple 4 Microphones System for Zoom meetings

 Purchased by Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Wells Fargo, MIT, Harvard University, Yale University, USC School of Medicine, Century 21, CITGO, Habitat for Humanity, FirstService Residential, GENIXUS Pharma, Irvine Company, and many more Fortune 500 companies.

If you need to pick up everyone's voice in the room, 10 people or fewer, this is your solution

Simple portable microphone system you can use for hybrid video group meetings, panel discussion or conferences

Perfect solution for business board meetings, city council meetings, non-profits,.orgs, edu's, HOA's, churches, courts, or any other large group video meeting.
This has 4 Powerful microphones plugging into one USB input for Zoom

  • Powered by AC Wall Adapter, No Batteries
  • For On and Off site meetings
  • “Daisy chain” means you can adjust how many microphones to your personal use easily by attaching the microphone head to cable down a line
  • You can start with the basic kit and expand with our Audio Grabber microphones as you need them
  • The smaller controller has full control over each chain of microphones sensitivity to adjust audio to be louder or softer on each individual line
  • 11x more powerful than your computer's audio
  • Every System is already assembled and ready to use Plug and Play
  • Multiple audio outputs mean you can send them to your PA system along with live streaming and optional broadcasting.
  • No software needed
  • Omni 360 degree microphones hears in every direction
  • Virtual conference software such as (Zoom) recognizes the Zoom USB Multiple Microphones system as one microphone; though this system allows you to daisy chain many microphones, it will be recognized by Zoom as one microphone.
  • Works with OWL cameras and Polycom cameras
  • The controller has a headphone jack for live monitoring of microphones
  • Bonus for Secure Locations: 2nd Analog output cable with 3.5MM stereo male plug for agencies who can not use USB devices.
  • Compatible with All Web Video Conferencing Cameras
  • Complete All N One Package includes all microphones and accessories
  • Works will Windows PCs & All Mac Computers
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions asked + Free Shipping + 3 Year Warranty

Customer Testimonial:
This is my 2nd purchase of the Zoom USB multiple microphone set. We use them in HOA board meetings for hybrid zoom meetings. The microphones are clear and super-sensitive. They pick up even the smallest sound from a great distance. Thankfully, the mini mixer can adjust the gain for the individual mics, allowing you to tailor the pickup around the table to "just right". The USB interface allows for simple setup and the Zoom software recognizes the microphones in its drop-down menu. Couldn't be easier.

FirstService Residential "Largest Property Management Company in North America"



Multiple Zoom USB Microphone Solution includes:

  • Martel Professional Audio USB input device
  • 4 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones (optional 8,12,16 Microphones chose options above)
  • 4 - 12 Foot extension microphone cables 
  • USB Output Cable for computers
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual 
  • Free Hard Shell Carrying Case

Almost every Government agencies buy from Martel 

Martel Electronics since 1957. Martel Electronics has over 1 Million customers, including, 3 US Presidents and 5000 city governments across our great country. Martel Electronics manufactures in-car video systems. 

Can Martel Zoom multiple Microphone systems work with Owl camera systems?
Yes, you can use Owl Camera as your camera and the Martel multiple microphone system as your microphones at the same time. Our microphone systems are plug-and-play and automatically set themselves up as your microphone the second you plug them into your computer. The two system will work together. 

Can the Martel multiple microphones work with video conference cameras like Owls, Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, Kandao, Jabra, and others?
Yes, it does not matter what camera you are using. Our Martel multiple microphone system works with all video conference cameras!

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Specs + In the Box

In the Box
  • Martel Professional Audio USB input device
  • 4 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones
  • 4 - 12 Foot extension microphone cables
  • USB Output Cable for computers
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Compatible with all Windows and Macs
  • Gain: 45dBm
  • Current consumption:300mA (max)
  • Power supply: USB 5V/1A Adaptor
  • Dimensions :101 x 81 x 16 mm/ 3.9" x 3.1" x 0.6"
  • Weight:121 g / 4.3 oz (body)
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22 Reviews

  • 5
    Multiple Mic System

    Posted by Jason Varga on 24th Oct 2023

    The quality of these mics and range are amazing! I had a small software issue (on the laptop's end) I couldn't figure out and Martel's customer service helped me immediately after reaching out and even called to help solve the problem. This purchase was a triple win with warranty, customer service and REALLY good mics I can use for a very large room!

  • 5
    ZOOM MEETINGS are sounding great!

    Posted by Juan M on 16th Oct 2023

    Excellent sound quality, all our virtual meetings have been top notch!

  • 5
    The system works great

    Posted by John B. on 22nd Mar 2023

    The system works great, what I expected.

  • 5
    Really quite amazing

    Posted by Tammy E. on 13th Oct 2022

    Plug and play. The sound is great.

  • 5
    Fixed out team meetings

    Posted by Jeremy K. on 13th Jul 2022

    This is an awesome microphone system for Microsoft teams. Now I can hear everyone in our company's meetings in our room. We are going to buy more for each office. Cost-effective.

  • 5
    Awesome microphones

    Posted by Travis L. on 21st May 2022

    I am so happy with this purchase. It made our zoom meetings so nice.

  • 5
    So easy to use

    Posted by Simon A. on 11th Mar 2022

    The microphones are really sensitive and picked up everyone we had in the room perfectly! We will be buying more of these for our company.

  • 5
    Small women's group meeting on zoom

    Posted by Jessica E. on 16th Dec 2021

    Our weekly meeting was difficult before we got this microphone system. Everyone was 6 feet apart from each other. Now we have a mic on each corner of our table and everyone can be heard clearly. Worth the investment.

  • 5
    Perfect Audio!

    Posted by Harry B> on 15th Dec 2021

    I am not an audio expert at zoom but this system is perfect.

  • 5
    Very pleased with the system

    Posted by Max P. on 14th Dec 2021

    The microphones are clear. I can now pick up every voice in our zoom meeting. Very happy with this system.

  • 5
    Plug and play. Great mics

    Posted by Herman M. on 13th Dec 2021

    Tried the system this afternoon. Wow, the microphones are amazing. It pickup up everyone's voice clearly in Zoom.

  • 5
    Awesome microphones!

    Posted by Stacey N. on 10th Dec 2021

    No brainer, buy it. I just plugged it and it works. Love things that work right away!

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