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Zoom USB Multiple Microphones System 16 Microphone Mixer

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#1 Ordered 16 Multiple Mics Package for Large Meetings
Most Powerful Multiple Mic System in the World!
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  • Free Shipping Hard-shell Case for Zoom Multiple microphone kits
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Zoom USB Multiple Microphones System 16 Microphone Mixer Package Boardrooms 

What is the problem with all Zoom hybrid meetings today across the world? Well, it's simple: there are not enough microphones in the room close to the people who are speaking. Our microphone systems are the solution!

 Purchased by Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Wells Fargo, MIT, Harvard University, Yale University, USC School of Medicine, Century 21, CITGO, Habitat for Humanity, FirstService Residential, GENIXUS Pharma, and many more Fortune 500 Companies.                       

Solving Large Room Problems with Zoom Board Meetings - The Ultimate Multiple Microphone Array systems for Zoom

This microphone system allows you to connect many of our microphones (16) to one computer and control the sensitivity of the microphone so everyone on zoom or teams can be heard in the meeting. If you are in a room with 20 or more participants and no one can hear the person at the end of the table, this is the perfect solution for your large room meeting. You can start with the kit and expand with our Audio Grabber microphones as you need them. The head of the Audio Grabber microphone has a female input that another Audio Grabber can be plugged into creating a seamless daisy chain down your tables. Now everyone will be heard correctly in the meetings. The small controller gives full control over each chain of microphones so you can turn up someone who speaks soft and turn down someone who is loud. The controller is connected to your meeting computer via a USB cable.  
This is the #1 Ordered Zoom multiple 16 microphone systems in the world because it works!

    Zoom multiple mics testimonial                                                                                                                                  

Zoom multiple mics testimonial

Customer Testimonial:
This is my 2nd purchase of the Zoom USB multiple microphone set. We use them in HOA board meetings for hybrid zoom meetings. The microphones are clear and super-sensitive. They pick up even the smallest sound from a great distance. Thankfully, the mini mixer can adjust the gain for the individual mics, allowing you to tailor the pickup around the table to "just right". The USB interface allows for simple setup and the Zoom software recognizes the microphones in its drop-down menu. Couldn't be easier.

FirstService Residential "Largest Property Management Company in North America"
ROY A. MCCLEERZoom multiple microphones

Our Multi microphone system allows 16 microphones to work as one team and one input for your computer.

This system solves the problem of letting everyone be heard on Zoom. Our microphones are very powerful on average 11X more powerful than your built-in computer microphone. Perfect solution for business board meetings, City Council, non-profits, .orgs, edu's, HOA's, Churches, Courts, or any other large group video meeting. Every system is already assembled and ready to use. This is a plug-and-play solution. Professional grade microphone system. No software is needed! 

Simple portable microphone system you can use to mic a group panel discussion at an on or off-site facility. Multiple audio outputs allow you to send to a PA system along with a live stream/broadcast. Perfect solution for on & off-site meetings.

Full 30-Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee + Free Shipping + 4-Year Warranty! 

Question: What is the Zoom Multiple Microphone System?

 Answer: It’s a simple solution for you to connect multiple microphones to your computer via one USB cable. The multiple microphones give you a greater voice pick-up for each person in the large room. The USB controller gives you full control over each microphone's sensitivity. 

Used by the largest Technology Company in the World!

Multiple USB Connected Martel Zoom Microphones Kits only from Martel

Using multiple microphones is the solution in large or medium rooms where a single microphone might not be picking up the voices of everyone in the room. Our USB Zoom multiple microphone kits manages up to 16 Omni-directional microphones. This system is compatible with all brands of teleconference software such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex Meetings, BlueJeans Meetings, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet, Jabber, and more. There is no software to install, it is Plug and Play.



The cable on the Audio Grabber microphone cable is 10 feet, we provide 12 feet extension cables with every microphone. This gives you a total of 22 feet between microphones with the extension cable attached.

Customer Testimonial:
I searched for a long time for a microphone setup that would work for my needs (big Board Room). I eventually found Martel's usb system with a mixer. I was a little worried about the upfront $1000, but this was the only item I found that does what I need. It works very well. The sound is crystal clear. The mixer is fantastic. I am super impressed.

Then one day, it wasn't working. I called Martel and left a message. In my opinion, this is the ultimate test of a company; How is their customer service? I was worried. It had been two months, and their return policy is 30 days.
Within an hour, Jason called me back, identified the problem (which is ultimately on me for losing the power source), and not only got it working but also is sending me a new power source. Incredible. Great Product, Great Customer Service.

Andy Hecht Med.BA, B.S., he, him (about pronouns) Operations Manager
Park City Community Foundation
435.731.4250 (office direct)
801.674.3286 (mobile)

Customer Testimonial “We use the Zoom USB Multiple Microphones System and Mixer. The product is amazing and is far superior to competitors who also have more complex connectivity issues to PCs. The customer service is great too with U.S. based knowledgeable personnel. Thanks Jason!  
Palm Beach Investment Research Group.”
Zoom USB Multiple Microphones System works with all web meeting software programs see below:
  • Zoom Software
  • Skype
  • Citrix
  • Webex
  • Google Meeting
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facetime 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Duo
  • Lifesize Video Conferencing 
  • Bluejeans
  • CourtCall
  • Meeting Owl 3
  • Compatible with Polycom Video Studios - Poly Studio X70 & Poly Studio X70
Multiple Zoom 16 Microphone System includes:
  • Martel Professional Audio USB input device
  • 16 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones 
  • 16 - 12 Foot extension microphone cables
  • USB Output Cable for computers
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual
  • Free Hard Shell Carrying Case

Zoom Multiple Microphone Features:

  • Plug and Play No software to install
  • Works will Windows PCs & All Mac Computers
  • Daisy Chain Microphones
  • Omni 360-degree microphones
  • The controller provides power to microphones
  • The controller allows you to control microphones sensitivity
  • The controller has headphone jack for live monitoring of microphones
  • Output jack for PA Speaker system on our mixer
  • Complete All N One Package includes all microphones and accessories
  • Bonus for Secure Locations: 2nd Analog output cable with 3.5MM stereo male plug for agencies who can not use USB devices.
  • Compatible with All Windows including Windows 11 & Mac all Operating software 
  • Compatible Ipads and Iphones IOS software and Google Phones and Google tablets may need additional separate speaker


  • Compatible with all Windows and Macs
  • Gain: 45dBm
  • Current consumption:300mA (max)
  • Power supply:USB 5V/1A Adaptor
  • Dimensions :101 x 81 x 16 mm/ 3.9" x 3.1" x 0.6"
  • Weight:121 g / 4.3 oz (body)

Benefits of buying from Martel 

  • We offer a complete, unconditional guarantee on this product. No questions asked for returns.
  • Our 1-800 support number takes you directly to a LIVE support person that has full knowledge of this product
  • We can log in to your computer and set it up if you need help.
  • We have been in business for over 65 years.
  • This item is in stock and you can select the shipping method of your choice.
  • Our Site is secure, and we use an SSL secure server for a credit card or PayPal transactions.

Almost every Government agencies buy from Martel 

We know that there can be many worries about identity theft on the internet, but before you buy from any company you must make sure they have been in business for as long as Martel, 65 years! Martel Electronics has over 1 Million customers, including, 3 US Presidents and 5000 city governments across our great country. Martel Electronics manufactures in-car video systems. Shop at Martel with peace of mind that you are secure with us. Martel Electronics Since 1957.

Common Questions and Answers:

Can Martel Zoom multiple Microphone systems work with Owl camera systems?
Yes, you can use Owl Camera as your camera and the Martel multiple microphone system as your microphones at the same time. Our microphone systems are plug-and-play and automatically set themselves up as your microphone the second you plug them into your computer. The two system will work together. 

Can the Martel multiple microphones work with video conference cameras like Owls, Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, Kandao, Jabra, and others?
Yes, it does not matter what camera you are using. Our Martel multiple microphone system works with all video conference cameras!


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Warranty Information

  • Martel Professional Audio USB input device
  • 16 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones
  • 16 - 12 Foot extension microphone cables
  • USB Output Cable for computers
  • USB Cable
  • Sony Headphones
  • Power Adapter
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
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31 Reviews

  • 5
    Phenomenal Sound, works great in large rooms

    Posted by Scott W. on 13th Jul 2022

    I use this in a large room with over 67 people in the Zoom meeting and everyone's voice is picked up clearly. This is a super value for large group video conferencing meetings. Especially since it is plug and play there is no software to install!!!!! Love that.

  • 5
    Microphones for college EDUs

    Posted by Alex S. on 21st May 2022

    Works just as it says. I get really clear voices on Teams meetings.

  • 5
    Microphones for our organization

    Posted by Dave T. on 21st May 2022

    All I have to say is this 16 microphone system was a GAME CHANGER. It fixed all our problems with large meetings.

  • 5
    There is no other way to microphone a large room

    Posted by Hunter K. on 11th Mar 2022

    These 16 microphones were able to pick up a room with over 40 people in it. After buying this package and now using it for months it's fantastic.

  • 5
    Great Product-Worth Your Money

    Posted by Eric W. on 17th Feb 2022

    I searched for exactly what this microphone system does and found other microphones that were $5000.00 and above. This is perfect for Webex and Zoom and worth every penny! No hesitation get this kit.

  • 5
    Our audio now is impressive

    Posted by Kenny A. on 11th Jan 2022

    My audio with this microphone setup is top-notch now. It fixed our mic issues.

  • 5
    Bought this solution 3 months ago - Get it!

    Posted by Medford M. on 6th Jan 2022

    Our organization has large meetings every month. Our room had over 29 people in it last month and this system provided tremendous sound. It even helped our chair person who has a really soft voice sound loud. That's a bonus. So yes its a great system.

  • 5
    This is a must have for large group zooms

    Posted by Edwin S. on 5th Jan 2022

    You have to get this microphone system if you have a large group of people in a room. We used to have to huddle around a small laptop before we got this system. Now we can space ourselves out. Totally worth the money!

  • 5
    Best money we spent this year

    Posted by Cliff J. on 29th Dec 2021

    The microphones in this package made a huge difference in our zoom meetings. This was the exact piece of the puzzle we needed so everyone could be heard. I am putting 5 more of these systems in our satellite offices.

  • 5
    This system fixed everything i disliked about Zoom.

    Posted by Warren T. on 16th Dec 2021

    We have zoom meetings now every 2 weeks. Before We bought this we couldn't hear everyone in my room. What a problem. After we got the 16 mics I plugged them in and tested them. Wow everyone can now be heard, Loud! What a difference. This system rocks.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by Douglas O. on 15th Dec 2021

    Prefect, just what we needed to pick up this large room. The 16 microphones work all together creating a super ear that can hear everyone. I would totally recommend it to everyone using zoom.

  • 5
    Game Changer!

    Posted by Norman T. on 14th Dec 2021

    I am so happy we found this 16 microphone system. The room we do our meeting in is large and has very high ceilings. I have 63 people in the room at one time. The voices are clear and loud. This is a game-changer for our zoom meetings.

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