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Lawyers Dictation Recorder Rewind Slide Control Recorder + Secretaries Transcription Foot pedal kit

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  • Lawyers dictation transcription equipment
  • Lawyers Budget Dictation
  • Lawyers dictation recorder machine solution with rewind
  • Lawyers rewind dictation recorder
  • Secretaries transcriber
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 Lawyers Budget Dictation Rewind Slide Control Recorder + Secretaries Transcription Foot pedal kit World Cheapest package

This kit is for the budget mined lawyers who need a dictation recorder that they can rewind with a slide control and make corrections to the recordings. It uses a slide control to slide up to record, down to stop and then you hold down all the way and it rewinds to the spot you want to correct. This recorder can rewind like a tape recorder. This package is perfect for one lawyer and one secretary.

It comes with the lawyers dictation recorder and the secretaries computer foot pedal and software so she can type up the dictation. The recorder comes with a USB cable so you can download the dictation to you computer. Then the secretary can open the file up on her computer and type it up. Very simple and cost effective. This package has everything you need for one lawyer and one secretary. 

Lawyers dictation equipment package with slide rewind controller 

With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, 4-position slide switch, and three different recording formats, the dictation recorder will increase dictation management efficiency. 

The lawyers dictation recorder has a built with an intuitive design and equipped with a 4-position slide switch, the recorder is designed to be productive and dependable, for individuals working in any environment. Complete with a wide range of editing options for easy text creation to quickly modify your files, the recorder will make turning dictation recordings into notes as effortless as possible.

Great for small law firms 

  • Dual-directional stereo recording capability
  • 3-layer microphone pop-filter
  • Slide switch
  • DSS software compatibility
  • MP3 recording formats
  • Li-ion battery 


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