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DM246 Wireless 4 Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

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  • Wireless Courtroom Recorder
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  • Wireless Microphone in tripod stand
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  • Courtroom Recorder DM246 side 4 microphone input jacks
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  • 4 track transcription software kit
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The Perfect DM246 Courtroom Recorder with 4 microphone wireless solutions for courtroom recording, depositions, hearings, boardroom meetings, city council meetings, seminars, expert panels, focus groups, and special events, only available from Martel!

The DM246 records your .wav audio files to a SDHC memory card. Our engineers in the courtroom recording equipment division have designed systems that can be found in all countries courtrooms, convention centers, and boardrooms. Go portable with simple-to-build and assembled wireless setups, or combine it with existing courtroom wired installations. This wireless courtroom recorder is a plug-and-play wireless 4 channel system. 

This special court technology wireless recording system was purposely designed to be used in a large courtroom. It features the ability to record up to four channels in crystal clear fidelity, and is quick to set up and tear down. Need more help designing a courtroom, call us, so we can engineer a wireless recording and transcription system for those who need more recording options.

If you are in an old courtroom and the acoustics are bad this package is the solution. The 4 wireless microphones will allow you to hear everyone, even if they are walking around. These special wireless microphones transmit on 2 separate channels. This means you won't have any drop out of audio from interference. No one can interfere with your wireless transmission.


The DM246 Digital 4-channel wireless courtroom recording and transcription system consists of the Martel exclusive DM246 Four-Channel Solid State Recorder, the high fidelity  wireless multi-channel microphone system, and the T-147 4-Channel Transcription System.

No computer or software is required during the standalone recording court proceeding. This combination of equipment will allow superior voice sound, exact recording and transcription of up to 4 simultaneous channels for your court proceedings. We have taken this complicated recording equipment and designed it into a simple to use package that is turn-key for all our government agencies. Still keeping it under the $3000 price range for our federal customers means you can use your card to purchase this equipment. 

Breakdown of each major part of the DM246 Court Room Recording equipment with its wireless courtroom microphones: 

  • The Martel DM246 Four Channel Recorder is composed of a special voice recording system that will capture every low volume voice, even in a noisy courtroom environment. The DM246 has real-time confidence monitoring via headphones and "live" VU meter graphs, knob individual gain, and monitoring controls. Additionally, it has the ability to control each channel individually, isolating the microphone you want to hear by itself. It has AC and battery backup operation, plus built-in microphones that make it the worlds' only reliable 4 channel recorder available today for courtroom recording.

  • The court recordings can be quickly downloaded to any Window's computer via the SD memory card and then loaded into the T-147 4-track Transcription System (4 channel edition) for transcription.

  • The recorded audio files from the Martel DM246 recording system, consisting of 4 WAV files (Windows playable) audio files, can be archived to your PC, converted to MP3 for websites, or burned to a low-cost DVD or hard-drive for storage and/or distribution.
  • Martels 4-channel clear wireless conference microphone system with tabletop wireless microphones and mute buttons, are designed for high profile courtrooms who want a functional yet elegant microphone on their tables. 

    Wireless microphones for the witness and attorneys need to be made especially for voice fidelity. The Judge may use our wireless microphone while giving them control over the mute button on their microphone, either sitting flat on the bench, or on his/her person with optional clip or lanyard/lapel.

  • The Martel courtroom wireless microphone base unit system will capture clear sound from each person in the courtroom over a 133-foot+ range (e.g. Judge, Advocate, Witness, Defense, Special Witness, Grand Juror, Prosecution). 

  • This is the DM246 system in use in the New York Supreme Court, and many other courtrooms. Professional workmanship makes the voice quality better than a mastered CD.

  • The one-of-a-kind Martel 4-Channel Transcriber, is compatible with the DM246, giving you four-channel transcription based on our Transcriber software, the most trusted name in transcription. Playback to any sequence of channels: single channel, dual, multiple channels, or all channels while controlling the playback with the USB foot pedal.

  • The Martel wireless microphones are self-contained and do not require WiFi. They work like your home wireless phone.
  • 4 - channel recording and transcription systems with our exclusive equipment for large conference meetings and legislative governments across the globe.

Package Includes:

Model DM246 Wireless - 4-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

  • Qty 1 x Martel DM246 Four-Channel Recorder 4-track recorder 
  • Qty 1 x T-147 4-Channel Transcriber Software with foot pedal and transcription headset
  • Qty 1 x 4-Channel Wireless Base Station with separate microphone charging base
  • Qty 4 x Tabletop Wireless Microphone
  • Qty 2 × 32 GB SD Memory Card (24 hour recording time per card).
  • Qty 1 x Heavy Duty Interconnecting Cable Assemblies.
  • One Year warranty on hardware.
  • Unlimited Support and Concierge Setup via 
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10™ Supported

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DM246 Four-Channel Courtroom Recorder
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1 Review

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    Great sound love having no microphone cables

    Posted by Margie E. on 30th Nov 2018

    This works great in our court. I could not have cables laying around the floor so we bought this wireless court recording device. The rechargeable battery last 10 hours or a full day court.

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