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Court Reporter Microphone Mixer System with 4 Microphones Turnkey package for Courtrooms and depositions

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  • Court Reporter Social Distancing Mixer Recording System with up to 16 Ultra Voice Omnidirectional Sensitive Microphones Turnkey package
  • Court Reporter mixer package
  • Exclusive microphone USB mixer for court reporting only from Martel
  • Court Reporter mixer package
  • Free Hardshell case with order
  • Court reporter microphone
  • Court Reporter microphone with daisy chain
  • Ultra powerful microphone mixer for court reporters
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Court Reporter Microphone Mixer Recording System with up to 4 Ultra Voice Omni-directional Sensitive Microphones Package

Ok so what is the Court Reporter Mixer recording system?  The Court Reporter Mixer Recording System is a simple and powerful way for court reporters to have microphones spread out around the courtroom and record and listen at the same time. Your court reporter software, such as Eclipse and Case Catylst, can record directly from our USB mixer. The microphones give you ultra-clear pick-up. Expandable, You can add up to 24 Martel Audio Grabbers to this package; they daisy chain to each other. 

Eliminate inaudible testimony and capture every word with the Court Reporter Microphone Mixer System - the powerful, integrated solution designed specifically for court reporters.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Comes with 4 ultra-sensitive boundary microphones that provide clear, intelligible audio pickup from up to 30 feet away (expandable to 24 mics)
  • Built-in USB audio interface allows direct connection to laptops and tablets for recording
  • 1/8" output lets you connect a digital recorder as a backup
  • Adjust individual mic levels and monitor audio with your own headset
  • Works seamlessly with Eclipse, CaseCATalyst, ProCAT and other CAT software
  • Daisy chain up to 24 mics for large rooms and social distancing
  • Mix and match dynamic, battery-powered, phantom power and USB mics

Perfect Audio in Any Courtroom: Get reliable, distortion-free audio in any courtroom or deposition room - even large ones. The sensitive boundary mics pick up clear testimony from up to 30 feet away, ensuring you never miss a single word.

The Integrated Solution Court Reporters Trust: With direct integration, easy setup and clear audio designed for court reporters, this mixer system eliminates hassles. Focus on your job, not the equipment, knowing you're capturing accurate records.

Struggling to hear witnesses and attorneys in court? End inaudible testimony forever with the Court Reporter Microphone Mixer System - the powerful, seamless solution designed by court reporters for court reporters.

Crystal Clear Audio in Any Environment: Never miss a single word again, even in challenging acoustics. The sensitive boundary mics pick up clear audio from any distance. You'll get distortion-free testimony every time.

Hassle-Free Recording Court Reporters Trust: Stop wasting time fiddling with equipment and focus on your job. With seamless CAT software integration, easy USB setup and audio engineered for court reporters, this mixer system eliminates headaches so you can work with confidence.

Customer Testimonials:

"Microphone mixer system with 4 mics - WOW
This system exceeded expectations! Clear sound, easy setup, missing parts quickly sent by Martel. We added audio extenders and the sound continued to be strong and clear. Thank you, Martel!"

-Marie M. Official Court Reporter 

"Instant sound improvement

Instant upgrade in sound quality. A more economical route if you can't afford wireless. Easy setup. "

Kairisa M. CSR Court Reporter

Prefect solution for Court Reporter's in Courtroom or Depostionswith Social Distancing 

Today this is the only Court Reporter Mixer package that is specifically designed for Court Reporters using our powerful boundary microphones. Each microphone has 20 feet of cable (more can be added separately if needed) On the mixer you can adjust each set of microphones separately. Professional grade microphone system.

Works with Eclipse Software, Stenograph, Stenocat, Procat, and all other CAT software programs.

This Martel mixer has USB audio transmission-this microphone mixer offers a built-in 24-bit / 96kHz audio module. The USB cable allows the mixer to be connected to a laptop, or tablet. It also has a standard 1/8 cable output for a digital audio recorder. The mixer can simultaneously output to a laptop and a digital recorder. Perfect back for court reporters. You can also live monitor with your own headsets. Amazing!

This mixer has 3.5 or 1/8" inputs, if your microphone has 1/8 connectors. You can use battery powered and non battery powered microphones. Plus, it works properly with the court, reporting software on your laptop. You can use Dynamic, Battery powered, 1.5 phantom and also 48v phantom microphones. You can mix and match your choice of type of microphones. 

This mixer has 3.5 or 1/8" inputs, if your microphone has 1/8 connectors. You can use battery powered and non battery powered microphones. Plus, it works properly with the court, reporting software on your laptop.

Court Reporter Microphone Mixer includes:

  • Martel Professional Court Reporter microphone mixer  
  • 4 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones (optional 8,12,16 Microphones chose options above)
  • Sony Professional Noise Cancelling Headset 
  • USB Output Cable for laptop or digital recorder or steno writer 
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Audio Microphone Connection adapter
  • Manual 


  • Gain: 45dBm
  • Current consumption :300mA (max)
  • Power supply :USB 5V/1A Adaptor
  • Dimensions :101 x 81 x 16 mm/ 3.9" x 3.1" x 0.6"
  • Weight :121 g / 4.3 oz (body)

Benefits from buying from Martel 

  • We offer a complete, unconditional guarantee on this product. No questions asked for returns.
  • Our 1-800 support number takes you directly to a LIVE support person that has full knowledge of this product
  • We can log in into your computer and set it up if you need help.
  • We have been in business for over 63 years.
  • This item is in stock and you can select the shipping method of your choice.
  • Our Site is secure, and we use an SSL secure server for credit card or PayPal transactions. 

Introduction to the Special Version of Audio Grabber 

Understanding the Need for Enhanced Audio Solutions in Courtrooms 

In the fast-paced and critical environment of courtrooms, every word spoken holds immense significance. Court reporters play a vital role in capturing these words accurately for legal documentation. The special version of the Audio Grabber, designed to be powered by a Martel mixer, offers a unique solution tailored to the specific needs of court reporters. By providing enhanced audio clarity and seamless integration with Martel mixer systems, this technology aims to revolutionize the way court proceedings are recorded and transcribed. This article delves into the features, benefits, and best practices of using this specialized Audio Grabber version in courtroom settings, highlighting its potential to improve efficiency and accuracy in the legal transcription process. 

Introduction to the Special Version of Audio Grabber 

In the world of court reporting, clarity is key. The special version of the Audio Grabber takes this principle to heart, offering advanced features tailored to the unique needs of court reporters working in courtrooms. Say goodbye to missed words and garbled recordings – with this special version, every word is crystal clear. 

Understanding the Need for Enhanced Audio Solutions in Courtrooms 

Courtrooms can be bustling hubs of activity, with speakers varying in volume and clarity. Court reporters need reliable tools that can capture every word accurately. The special version of Audio Grabber steps up to the challenge, providing a solution that ensures nothing gets lost in translation. 

Overview of Martel Mixer Integration for Court Reporters 

When it comes to court reporting, the marriage of technology is crucial. Martel Court Reporter microphone Mixers are a staple in the industry, known for their reliability and functionality. By integrating Martel Mixers with Audio Grabber technology, court reporters can take their recording capabilities to the next level. 

Exploring the Functionality of Martel Mixers in Court Reporting 

Martel Mixers are like the unsung heroes of court reporting equipment. Their intuitive controls and enhanced audio processing make them a favorite among professionals. When paired with Audio Grabber, Martel Mixers elevate the recording experience, ensuring that every word is captured with precision. 

Benefits of Combining Martel Mixers with Audio Grabber Technology 

The benefits of combining Martel Mixers with Audio Grabber are twofold. Not only do court reporters enjoy seamless integration and enhanced recording capabilities, but they also experience a boost in efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to audio mishaps and hello to a streamlined transcription process.

Benefits of Using Audio Grabber with Martel Mixer in Courtrooms & Depositions rooms

Enhanced Audio Clarity and Quality for Courtroom Proceedings 

With the special version of Audio Grabber powered by a Martel mixer, court reporters can expect nothing but top-notch audio clarity and quality. Say farewell to muddled recordings and hello to a crisp, professional sound that captures every nuance of courtroom proceedings. 

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy in Transcription Process 

Time is of the essence in court reporting, and accuracy is non-negotiable. By utilizing Audio Grabber with Martel Mixer integration, court reporters can work more efficiently and with greater precision. Transcription tasks become smoother, allowing for a faster turnaround without compromising quality. 

Features and Functionality of the Special Audio Grabber Version 

Advanced Recording Capabilities and Settings 

The special version of Audio Grabber doesn't hold back when it comes to recording capabilities. From customizable settings to advanced features, this tool empowers court reporters to tailor their recordings to suit their needs, ensuring optimal results in any courtroom setting. 

Compatibility with Martel Mixer Systems 

Compatibility is key when it comes to technology integration. The special version of Audio Grabber is designed with Martel Mixer systems in mind, ensuring seamless compatibility and a hassle-free user experience. Say goodbye to tech headaches and hello to a match made in courtroom recording heaven.# Setting Up and Operating the Audio Grabber with Martel Mixer
Are you ready to take your court reporting game to the next level? Connecting the Audio Grabber with the Martel Mixer is a game-changer, and we've got your back with a foolproof guide. Let's dive in!

## Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting and Configuring the Equipment
1. Unbox your Audio Grabber and Martel Mixer like a kid at Christmas.
2. Connect the Audio Grabber to the Martel Mixer using the provided cables – it's like Legos for grown-ups.
3. Power up both devices and make sure they're synced and ready to rock.
4. Tinker with the settings until you find your sweet spot – it's like a dance, but with buttons and dials.
5. Hit record, sit back, and let the magic happen – you're now the maestro of court reporting.

# Best Practices for Court Reporters Using this Special Version
Congratulations, you're now part of the elite club of court reporters with the Audio Grabber and Martel Mixer duo. Let's make sure you get the most out of this powerhouse pairing.

## Maximizing the Benefits of Audio Grabber and Martel Mixer Integration
- Experiment with different settings to find your personalized setup – it's like finding the perfect pair of shoes, but for court reporting.
- Utilize the full range of features for enhanced efficiency – you're a reporting wizard with these tools at your disposal.
Ready to revolutionize your court reporting experience? The Audio Grabber with Martel Mixer is your ticket to audio recording excellence. 


Embracing Innovation for Enhanced Courtroom Transcription

The special version of the Audio Grabber, powered by a Martel mixer, represents a significant advancement in audio technology for court reporters. By combining cutting-edge features with user-friendly functionality, this solution has the potential to streamline transcription processes, improve accuracy, and ultimately enhance the overall efficiency of courtroom proceedings. As court reporters continue to adapt to evolving technological tools, embracing this innovative Audio Grabber version can truly revolutionize the way legal documentation is captured and preserved. With its proven benefits and real-world applications, this specialized audio solution stands as a testament to the power of technology in optimizing the transcription process for court reporters.

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Specs + In the Box

Court Reporter Microphone Mixer includes: Martel Professional Court Reporter microphone mixer modified 4 Ultra-Powerful Voice Microphones (optional 8,12,16 Microphones chose options above) Sony Professional Noise Cancelling Headset USB Output Cable for laptop or digital recorder or steno writer USB Cable Power Adapter Audio Microphone Connection adapter Manual
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Bought this microphone kit last year, love it!

    Posted by Tiffany S. on 25th Jun 2022

    I called Jason to help me set it up last year. He walked me through it. Now I use it every day. The sound is awesome and I can hear better now. Everyone on my audio recordings is super loud. You need this in your toolbox.

  • 5
    I use this in depos and its amazing

    Posted by Suzanne W. on 25th Jun 2022

    I just plug in the USB cable and go. Everyone in the room is loud and sounds good. Perfect for deposition rooms. I also love the headphone jack so I can live monitor.

  • 5
    Amazing audio quality from the court reporter microphone mixer kit

    Posted by Mandy L. on 11th Nov 2020

    I used to for the first time today. Wow, the audio is crystal clear. I should have bought this years ago.

  • 5
    I love this microphone package.

    Posted by Tracy Y. on 11th Nov 2020

    This microphone court reporter package came fully assembled. I really appreciate that. The sound is clear in my courtroom. I love this kit. I would definitely recommend Martel to all my court reporter friends.

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