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A Guide to Digital Dictation Equipment

Digital Dictation & transcription have been used in medical and legal industries for years. In the last 20 years, we have shifted away from recording dictations done on standard, mini, or micro-cassette tapes. Digital dictation machines have had huge advances in voice technology, digital dictation recording machine devices are becoming more and more common. Now with digital portable recorders, computer hand microphones, call in dictation systems, and mobile phone dictation, there is sure way to make the right digital dictation decision that is right for your attorneys office.

Digital dictation is the technique of recording a lawyers voice in real time on a digital SD memory card rather than a cassette tape. Using digital voice dictations offers many clear improvements over analog systems. The lawyer can record, review or edit audio files by instantly re-winding or fast forwarding to any point in an audio digital voice dictation, even sending via WiFi built into the dictation machine. Also, digital audio files can be emailed or uploaded to the cloud for instant delivery to your transcriptionist, or a voice to text app. Archiving your dictation recordings with a central software dictation management system like Olympus, Philips Dictation Management Software.

Dictation digital audio files and codecs 

Digital dictation equipment will record in DSS or DS2 audio file formats, which are very small. These files are called the Digital Speech Standard, created specifically for recording digital voice dictations. The DS2 format is recommended because of the compressed audio quality it produces and perfect for Dragon voice to text apps. The DS2 high quality and small file size make it great to save and send your dictations. Only Olympus and Philips can play this type of proprietary audio file. Central Transcription or file management software can manage and play these file formats. So as you can see there is a host of methods and choices in the digital dictation world.

Dictation Recorders\Machines

Professional handheld, digital dictation machine recorders are a great replacement for your old analog handheld. Lawyers have a simple choice, they can choose the Lawyers perfect digital recorder package and get crystal clear recording with the same functions and operation they had with their old recorders. Easily move your dictations by simply docking or plugging into your computer; no more tapes to keep up with. With available slide switch, push button, fingerprint locking, and barcode scanning options, there is a professional digital portable recorder that is right for you.

Dictation Digital equipment for your computer

Another accessible way to record digital dictation is with a computer dictation speech microphone. There are several types of computer dictation microphones on the market today. Most of them are either are push button to record, or have a slide switch for rewinding. Lawyers creating a high quantity of legal documents generally buy the slide switch microphones. Olympus Direct Rec, Philips SpeechMike, and Dictaphone Nuance Powermic are all digital computer dictation microphones that also feature push-button control for operating dictation or speech recognition software. To use these type of speech dictation mics, plug the dictation microphone into an open USB port on your computer, load your favorite compatible software, and start dictating. Make sure to load the central dictation recording app before you plug in the USB dictation microphone. Tech Tip.

Digital Call-in Dictation System

Call in dictation systems allow one to easily dictate their dictations over the cell phone. With digital call in dictation systems, you simply dial a phone number, enter a PIN and start dictating, this technique is rarely used anymore. The doctor used touch tone controls that let you start, pause, playback, and send your dictation audio file. The DigiTel system features a small Pod that you plug your phone line into. Then plug the pod into your computer and use any Philips, Olympus, or DigiTel transcription or central management software to store and transcribe your digital dictation files. One note about this digital dictation solution is that there may be toll fees applied depending on your cell phone carrier. Tech Tip.

Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub for iPhone

Mobile Smartphone dictation equipment

Apps are being used with your smartphones. Smartphone apps allow new generation digital dictation applications available for your mobile phone. Philips SpeechExec dictation hub for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android is the one mobile dictation app. With Philips Speech Exec, you can record, edit, and send your dictation files from anywhere. The easy to use touch screen buttons offer intuitive operation, while automatic file encryption ensures maximum security. Philips dictation service’s wireless transfer of dictation files decreases transcription creation turnaround time and enhances dictation productivity.

There are a lot of choices the dictation\transcription systems, and we want you to be informed and make great buying decisions. If you would like to call us at 1-800-553-5536 and talk to a dictation expert, we can help. 

29th Mar 2023 Carl Williams

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