Digital dictation equipment for lawyers: Dictation Machines and Transcription Technologies Are Used by lawyers: Dictaphone, Olympus, Philips

Today, most law firms are using some type of dictation machine recorder or app.

Dictation recorders and software offer great productivity help for legal professionals in small, mid-sized or large law firms, corporate legal departments and courts.

American Layers Dictation Machine Recorder

Lawyers create many correspondence letter and dictations daily. The movement of dictations from recordings to transcripts often aids lawyers in productivity and cost savings, allowing them to use more billable hours. A lawyer can dictate about eight times faster than typing. A lot of the new dictation machines incorporate special 3D microphones, allowing the lawyer's voice to be accurately transcribed by the Dragon software. In today's law office, you will find documents, photos and evidence that can all be tied together through a new type of smart dictation recorder called smart one. The Martel new dictation recorder has Wi-Fi and an integrated camera built into it. This allows law firms to tie their dictations, photos and barcodes all into one file, so the legal assistant can transcribe them correctly.

Even if you work on the most sensitive case, we have you covered with 256-bit encryption with a pin lock so that nobody can access your recordings. The cloud coupled together with mobile dictation has allowed the voice to text apps to create documents from anywhere in the world. The cloud allows us to share dictations between offices in different locations. The voice to text cloud applications allows document creation for law firms almost instantaneously. The software can be installed in mixed environments in different OS applications.

The best dictation machine so far this year is the ABA lawyers perfect dictation machine package

This dictation machine engineered for lawyers can only be found online. Even Amazon does not carry it. It incorporates the best digital dictation equipment for lawyers ever seen in the industry. If your law firm is looking for a dictation machine for a computer, or you are looking to get some dictation recorders that will help make your life for more efficient, look no further than the ABA perfect lawyer's dictation package. It incorporates dictation software, digital transcription software kit, and has both the lawyers and legal secretaries side of the hardware.

Most attorneys depend on their dictation equipment for making documents, letters and legal briefs. The digital recorder can also strengthen your case by helping you review your thoughts. It is really important to use the latest technology and dictation equipment, you don’t want to waste valuable corporate time laboring with outdated units. Help make the most for you and your clients by using the latest technology dictation systems.

Lawyers smartphone dictation apps.

Over the last four years there has been an explosion of smart dictation apps. The best dictation app for lawyers is definitely the Olympus Pro lawyer dictation app. This dictation app allows you to turn your phone into a dictation solution. It works with OS Apple annually and has a very user-friendly interface. The Olympus mobile dictation app offers great capture and workflow options with a high degree of 256 bit AES encryption. There are advantages to using the phone as your dictation recorder or machine. The first one is it is always with you, bathroom, airport, dinner, car, anywhere you wanted to dictate a legal brief, you can do it. After the recordings are made, it immediately emails them into the workflow software for transcribing and can automatically have them routed to a transcriptionist, or voice recognition software for secure archive back in the office. Once you purchase the Olympus dictation app from Martel electronics, you can instantly download and install it and configure it to your law office needs. The dictation files are recorded in a very small compressed format that makes it very easy to email around the Internet. For about an hour of dictation, it is normally under about 9 Mb. This makes it really convenient and easy to store and share your dictation audio files. The dictation apps are convenient, but they do not always have all the time-saving key features that a dedicated handheld dictation machine would have.

Dedicated dictation machines always offer attorneys the best option.

The key feature that a dedicated dictation recorder will have, is a slide control. This is the most important feature to attorneys there is, it allows them to dictate, rewind, and control recorder without looking at the unit. This is a huge advantage over a dictation smartphone app. The second advantage is that dictation recorder has a removable SD card that can be dropped off at the secretary's desk and a new clean one to be picked up in seconds, so the attorney can be on their way continually to make legal briefs. Technology portable handheld dictation is Wi-Fi enabled devices that email directly from a dictation machine. This combination of slide control and Wi-Fi emailing by far makes the dictation portable device the best option for every attorney. 

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15th Jul 2019 Carl Williams

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