USB Miracle Mic for Court Reporters

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  • USB Miracle Mic for Court Reporters
  • Exclusive USB Court Reporter Microphone
  • Court Reporter USB Miracle Microphone
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USB Miracle microphone is the Ultimate USB Court Reporter microphone  with over wide voice pick-up range of over 163 feet.

The Impressively Small & Impossibly Powerful!

The Miracle Court reporter microphone is ideal for capturing audio in large courtrooms or conference rooms. Its advanced technology ensures crystal-clear sound quality, allowing every word to be accurately recorded and transcribed. Additionally, the USB Miracle microphone is compatible with all CAT software programs providing seamless integration for court reporters.

Miracle microphone was designed for the Court Reporter who want the best audio possible. The Miracle Microphone uses the latest technology give capture High Definition voice for your audiosync recordings. The discrete microphone that is built into the USB stick is omnidirectional capturing all voices in a 360 degree pattern. This microphone is ideal for not drawing attention that you are using a high powered microphone. 

 In addition, the Miracle Microphone's advanced noise-cancellation feature ensures crystal-clear audio even in noisy environments. Whether you are in a crowded courtroom or a busy conference room, this microphone will deliver exceptional sound quality without any distractions. With its sleek and inconspicuous design, the Miracle Microphone provides a seamless recording experience while maintaining professionalism. With its user-friendly plug-and-play functionality, this microphone is perfect for Court Reporters looking for seamless and hassle-free recording experiences. 

Live Monitor and Record Audiosync at the same time

Live Monitor and Record Audiosync simultaneously provides the ability to listen to audio in real-time while also recording the audio file and saving it for future use. This feature is particularly useful for situations where immediate monitoring is required, while still ensuring that a high-quality recording is obtained. 

Once you plug this Miracle microphone into your laptop, you will be able to plug headphones into it and hear a live feed from the microphone. This will amplify the voices around you by up to 350%. If you have been having trouble hearing others in the courtroom or deposition room at the end table, this will fix this issue. Experience an unparalleled listening experience with this revolutionary device. 

Features of the Miracle Microphone

  • Ultimate Court Reporter USB microphone with over 163 feet of voice pattern pickup range
  • Omnidirectional voice pattern for picking up the voice in all directions
  • Advanced noise cancellation 
  • Microphone input jack for adding more microphones in the room
  • Compatible with all USB sockets on laptop
  • Has a microphone socket for adding additional microphones, sold separately.
  • If you plug in additional microphones, the sound is automatically mixed in correctly with your built-in microphone.
  • Upto to 48k rates
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Compatible with Windows XP,7,8,10,11 
  • Dimension 1 Inch wide by 2 inches long
  • Powered by USB No Batteries Needed!

Court Reporter Miracle Microphone includes 

  • Small Super Powerful USB Microphone
  • Soft Velvet Carrying case
  • 3 Year Warranty 
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