Professional Dictation Recorders

Professional Dictation Recorders

lawyers-dictation-equipment.jpgLawyers dictation equipment

Buy Professional dictation machine equipment has been a specialty of Martel Electronics Since 1957. From the first Dictaphone recorder, and finally the specialized dictation recorders of the Philips and Olympus brands.

We know that doctor dictation machines, lawyer dictation machines  who need a special dictation recorder that's easy to use, durable and can be transcribed. We also carry the hard to find dictation equipment such as Dictation machines for lawyers.  

There has been allot of confusion lately on what is a real dictation recorder.

The answer is simple and direct, it must have the ability to Rewind and append mistakes you have dictated. Now from saying that there are all of of choices in features. The main features you should pay attention to, is the digital recorder a push button or a slide control switch machine. The more desirable dictation machine is a slide controller. This allows you to slide up and down, giving you full control over the dictation recordings. Keep in mind the professional recorders cost more but have a huge advantage in the automation and ease of use.  

So who is most likely to use a professional recorder, the industries who use voice dictation as they work. Lawyers are a perfect example of a pro dictation user.

When they are preparing for a case, writing correspondence or taking notes during a meeting with a client. Once the firm has chosen a line of dictation equipment say Olympus, can move forward in setting up Total dictation recorder machine. From docking the recorders in the lawyer's office to the auto uploading of the audio files to a central server. From the central server the dictation sits in a pool where the management software routes the files to the secretary/paralegal of transcriptionist. Next the dictation is transcribed either manually or by Dragon Voice recognition software. The last part to complete the dictation to document cycle is the word documents are sorted and sent back to the lawyer. Once this is completed the firm can begin billing of hours to the client. Faster and more efficient the dictation to document path is, the quicker the law firm gets paid usually. 

Now if you have a multinational law firm this requires a great deal of expertise to set up continuity in a dictation machine system. Managing voice files coming from different time zones require server thin client installs of the dictation management software. That be said we have greatly technical assistant in designing a feature rich system for your office. Along with the ability of being able to install over a VPN you can also push firmware updates to the recorders from a central headquarters. So if you have rules like encryption of the dictation you set rules and have them pushed out at night to each recorder. This applies across the entire company, whether is 5 voice recorder or 15,000 dictation recorders. The full control Martel can provide is unparalleled in the office Dictaphone market. This becomes really important if you are a government agency requiring filing reporters with recordings made in the field. Secure FTP transfers from field offices to to a central computer or cloud is crucial now a days.

Update in technology in Dictation Machine is the Lawyer dictation machine 

This allows you to move around the city or the world with your recorder and send dictation back to a home office via your iPhone. The pinpoint accuracy that you can achieve with high end system is amazing. Full integration of your voice files into Dragon, automatic templates for word documents and so much more.  Now on this page you will find dictation/transcription combo packages for one dictator and one transcriber. In these kits you will find everything you need for the small office lawyer and secretary. These packages are great for keeping it simple. 

What is a Dictation Machine? Answer a Dictation Machine is a small piece of dictation equipment that is used to record speech.

As an official dealer of Philips and Olympus digital dictation recorders, we provide professional dictation machine personalized for your office. We have specialized experts in our technical services department that will walk you through the entire process. Just dial extension 405.

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