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Martel Electronics Sales is Headquarters is in Yorba Linda 

Martel Electronics California World Headquarters

Here at Martel, we've been wanting to make the user experience much more friendly for some time now. We offer a ton of products for court reporterslawyers dictation recordersmedical transcription software and law enforcement, but those products weren't as easily accessible as we had hoped. That's all changed, we've streamlined not just our categories, but also the entire ordering process.

Our new  Martel website is totally secure, we never keep any credit cards on our site, and we also use Paypal gateway. Since we deal with US Presidents and the Federal Government, security is our number one concern at Martel. 

This month to kick off the new websites opening, we are offering free shipping on all purchases. Your shopping cart will automatically calculate this and apply the free shipping to your order. Thanks for being loyal Martel Electronics customers!

Update to our web migration. Our new site is up and running. We are still moving all our important articles and information to this new site. I know a lot of you are reading our  blog and using our  Martel Facebook shopping site page, and we appreciate you. The old articles are being replaced quickly with fresh update and current product information you can only get from Martel Electronics. 

Police Car Cameras with advanced AI technologies 

We have built a state of the art processing plant in Yorba Linda for AI technology and advanced software application for the police departments. These high level technology is designed and engineer for police cars and law enforcement. Our Police car cameras are the most advanced int the world. 

16th Jul 2019 Carl Williams

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