Doctors specialized needs in a digital dictation recorder - HIPAA compliance

Today's article will focus on the  HIPAA compliant digital dictation equipment for both small practices and large physician groups.

A lot has been made recently of the new HIPAA health care law requirements. Doctors are rushing around trying to be compliant. So what does a doctor need in a digital dictation machine to be HIPAA compliant. The first is that the device has to be 256 bit encrypted when transferring the audio files. 

This encryption ensures that the file cannot be tampered with or intercepted during transfer. Most of the federal positions, such as the Veterans Administration and the larger hospitals have already moved towards the  Olympus digital dictation recorder DS7000 Wi-Fi. Not only is this dictation device HIPAA compliant, but it's 256 bit encrypted, and has a key lock pin code to lock out unauthorized users. 

doctor dictation machine - Hipaa

So the doctor may be asking himself at this point, is it easy to use or a nightmare to get my dictation done. Well thankfully, the DS-9000 works similar to a tape recorder with the ability to rewind, edit and insert. The advancements the digital dictation equipment in recent years has finally streamlined the operation and formed the digital dictator from an awkward curiosity, to a tool for increasing productivity and billing. With the Martel DS9000, there is virtually no learning curve, especially transitioning from a tape recorder to this  digital dictation recorder. The functions and features are virtually identical. When the dictation is downloaded from the cradle to the secretary or the transcriptionist automatically, it attaches the doctor's name. This allows the organization of the dictation into folders or groups.

I'd like to highlight what I consider the most key feature in this digital dictation recorder.

Its ability to transfer the files through FTPs, email or private networks to the transcriptionist without physically having to move a tape or disc through the mail or a courier. These cuts cost dramatically, and allows instant file movement to whoever is going be typing the work. The doctor can even include priority dictation tags that allows the secretary or the transcriptionist to know exactly what to type up first. This is a great return on investment for doctors or physician groups who are looking to cut costs.

Here at Martel, we can design custom solutions for small physician's offices or large practices. If you like this highly specialized article on information about digital dictation devices for doctors please feel free to link to us at the Martel Electronics site. 

29th Mar 2023 Carl Williams I'm a Authority in Dictation equipment for Doctors and medical transcriptionist

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