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Buying the right dictation machine for your lawyers

Picking the right dictation recorder can be a blessing, but the process can be a curse. Today there are so many choices, ranging from $40 to $600. So what's the difference between the recorders. We all know dictating on a digital dictation recorder is by far the easiest way to dictate, but most of the voice recorders are complicated and hard to use. So I'm going to take a moment to outline what you should be looking for when you need a digital dictation recorder. The most important thing to look for in a digital recorder is the question whether it's a pushbutton recorder or does it have a slide control. The more expensive digital dictation recorders have a slide control that lets you rewind, edit and insert your dictation, correcting your mistakes as you go. This is a key factor for doctors, lawyers and insurance people because they can quickly rewind and record over the errors. The consumer inexpensive digital recorders you can not rewind and edit. 

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Yes the consumer dictation recorders are cheaper, but they cost you more in the long run to use. For an example let's take a lawyer dictation needs. He's dictating for about two hours a day on his recorder. During those two hours he's probably made about 30 to 40 mistakes in the document. If he was using a consumer grade recorder he wouldn't be able to correct or edit those 30 or 40 errors. If the error happened 30 minutes into his dictation with the consumer grade recorder, he wouldn't be able to fix the mistake, and might even need to start over the dictation completely. The turning of dictation into a document for billing hours is one of the key points in a law firms billable hours. The last thing I want to touch on today is the software that comes with the digital recorder, it's immensely important. With the Olympus professional dictation recorder the DS 7000 and the Phillips digital dictation recorder DPM 8000 you get workflow software.

So what's workflow software? These two professional dictation recorders come with the docking station that connects to your PC or Mac. Once the recorder is docked in the cradle, it recharges the battery and automatically sends the file through your network or by email to the secretary for transcription. The secretary, or transcriptionist gets a message saying that the dictation is ready for transcription. Once the transcription is done, it sends a message back to the lawyer or doctor saying that the dictation is transcribed and ready for him or her. This finishes the loop on the document creation and now it is able to be billed or filed.

Digital dictation equipment for lawyers

A dedicated dictation machine recorder means lawyers never have to take their eyes off the recorder while they are reviewing, whether a letter or computer screen they can read and dictation, unlike a smartphone. Cloud-based dictation machines are quickly moving into law firms allowing attorneys to have their dication files converted by voice to a text document in a matter of minutes. Dictate on the go with a professional dictation machine from Martel, Advances in dictation technology allows quick and efficient dictation and transcription document creation. This has revolutionized how law firms process voice files. Dictation machines recording devices allow attorneys to dictate where ever they are in the world. Dictation central management software automatically routes dictation files into the firm’s workflow, either to a transcriptionist, directly into Dragon Nuance speech recognition software, or a combination of both. Attorneys looking to provide efficient client resources package.

Digital dictation machines for attorneys have changed allot in the last year. The new lawyers dictation recorders have built in Wi-Fi apps and allot more. Today we are going to be talking about the new DS9500 Lawyers edition Olympus recorder and its amazing tech. The advanced Wi-Fi allows you to use any cellular or free Wi-Fi to upload your dictation anywhere in the world. 

I have an update for the lawyers out there in the audience. There are so many choices in dictation speech voice technology that you would go nuts trying to buy your law firm digital dictation machines. So here exclusively at Martel we have decided to package a professional Sony dictation recorder and Dragon Voice recognition together will all the extras accessories to make your life easy. You have been asking us for a dictation system like this for years now. We also offer this special with Free shipping. If you need more information email us or call us at 1.800.553.5536. 

29th Mar 2023 Carl Williams, I am a expert with dictation equipment

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