​A digital dictation recorder for the modern law office.

Dictation machines for lawyers 

We all know that analog cassette tapes are going away this year. How does a lawyer choose the right digital dictation recorder? We are going to touch on this subject for the next couple of minutes.

There are a lot of digital recorders on the market today but only a few suits the law office environment. The most important thing that a lawyer or law office does is create documents.

Digital dictation is important for the billing of the law office. The faster the digital dictation to the document form, the faster the law office gets paid.

Perfect Lawyers Dictation Machine for all Attorneys Exclusive

The 9 Reasons your Dictation Recorder is smarter than your iPhone!

So the question on your lawyer's mind is why don't I use my iPhone or Android for dictation? That is a great question, and I am going to use my expertise from the past 20 years to give you the best answer possible. I am going to for time purpose tell you the advantages of the dictation recorder. Its better than smartphones. Let's compare the iPhone to the Professional dictation recorder below:
  1. Battery life most dictation recorders can record for over 30 hours on one charge. (a months worth of dictation files)
  2. A slide switch control to rewind for precise corrections. Also insertions into the audio file.
  3. A built-in microphone
  4. Automation of file delivery to a secretary.
  5. Dragon approved for accuracy that can't achieved with a smartphone.
  6. Dedicated device (means it does only one thing dictate. Phone apps take time to open. Next you have to click to get to the right screen also on smartphones. There are usually limits to a recording size)
  7. Most of all Security the device is not connected to a phone which means its secure. (Phone hacking and lost of important documents are issue in 2014-2015)
  8. 128 MP3 high-quality dictation file you are creating on a dictation recorder. It makes transcribing or listening to the file much easier. (iPhone recordings low quality usually)

 Okay, so how do we get the dictation from the lawyer to the secretary. Attorney's dictation machines are hard to find. The Lawyers Dictation Recorder. Lawyer Dictation Recorder + Secretary TranscriberLawyers digital dictation recorder. The dictation machine has a docking station. File transfer to the secretary's desk. The lawyer doesn't have to do anything dock recorder and the file moves.

Dictation files are sent on the secretary's desk. Organized and ready to transcribe. Once the dictations are complete the lawyer is aware. The secretary transcription software and foot pedal connected to the computer. Dictation audio file listened to. The transcription software is able to control it with the foot pedal. So creating the text document. The lawyer reads the text document. That completes the billing cycle, now you can bill the hours that he's worked for. 
Professional dictation recorders streamline the billing cycle for lawyers. Professional line dictation recorders offered by Martel. Martel offers support, installation, and a 30-day money-back.
return on all our digital dictation equipment.
The slide control on the side of the dictation recorder. Lawyers can rewind and edit his dictation.
The lawyer can even put in his name into the digital recorder and it will go with the file. Transcribing many lawyers, each one will have his own filenames. The dictations associated with that particular lawyer.
Exclusive dictation recorder equipment.
Lawyers dictation equipment and a stand-alone digital transcriber with a foot pedal. This set is for law offices or Grand juries who can't have any dictation files put on a PC.
This article contains critical information for lawyers. Dictation machines for lawyers' legal dictation recorders. The Olympus DS9500 and the Philips DPM8000. Both are HIPAA compliant recorders, ensuring privacy during the file movement.
Both of these dictation recorders can have pin numbers. No one can access the recordings. Only the authorized dictator.
If you like this specialized information about digital dictation recorders. feel free to link to this website.

Professional Dictation Recorders

29th Mar 2023 Carl Williams

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