Andrea Stenomask USB-MA Premium Genuine External USB Microphone Adapter

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Andrea Communications Stenomask USB-MAP eliminates the noise problems that are inherent in most standard, off-the shelf computers. Often placed in close proximity to components such as the power supply and processors, internal sound cards or integrated audio systems can generate audible noise. The USB-MA uses high quality digital circuitry to bypass the computer's internal microphone input, converting the analog signal to digital. The result is increased clarity and performance of the stereo microphone for all digital audio applications including VoIP and speech recognition programs.


Key Features

Premium external USB microphone adapter with stereo microphone input
Bypasses a computer's internal microphone input, creating superior low-noise audio
Small form factor-compact and portable
Compatible with all current Andrea Communications microphones as well as any legacy microphones
Shielded USB cable


Microphone Plug 3.5mm/Pink
Microphone Input 2 Channel Stereo
Sampling Rate 48k/44.1KHz/16K/8K
Temperature 0-70°C
Power Supply:
Supply Voltage 4.5-5.5VDC
Total Power Consumption 120mA
Bias Voltage 2.2V via 3.3K Resistor
Microphone Input:
A/D Convertion Resolution 16 bit
THD+N -90dB
Supply Bass Resistor 2.2K ohm @ 3.3VDC
Frequency Response 20-20,000Hz
Input Range 0-1.25Vms
Dynamic Range 96dB
Record Gain Range -6 to 33d

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