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6 Wireless Microphone Turnkey System for Court Reporters & Courtrooms

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  • court reporting 6 wireless microphone system
  • court reporting 6 wireless microphone system
  • court reporter 6 wireless microphone system
  • court reporting 6 wireless microphone system
  • 6 Wireless Microphone Mixer
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Finally! An easy 6-microphone wireless system made for the Court Reporter's needs. The Six Wireless Microphone Package has 6 independent transmitters that can be placed anywhere in the courtroom or deposition. All-N-One pre-configured, ready-to-use system.

4 Important Things About Our 6 Wireless Systems - Unique to Martel Wireless Systems.

-Each wireless transmitter transmits simultaneously on 2 channels. This means you can not lose a word from interference. Super important for court reporters.

-Automatically scanning for interference-free channels so you can not miss a word. The transmitter sends two copies of its audio signal to the receiver at all times.

-Each wireless transmitter can transmit for over 12 hours on a charge.

-Broadcast Quality audio. The quality of the audio is pure and rich. 

Introducing the Court Reporter's Wireless Microphone System by Martel, a sophisticated solution designed to meet the demands of courtrooms and large depositions. This cutting-edge system comprises six wireless microphone transmitters, each compact in size, akin to a credit card. With the freedom to position these transmitters anywhere within a room sans the hassle of wires, you're assured of pristine audio quality.

On your desk, there are six receivers and a small mixer that let you control the sensitivity of each microphone. This setup allows you to record on two devices at the same time, like a computer and a digital recorder. You can easily listen to all the recordings at once on your chosen device, making sure you don't miss any dialogue.

Remarkably, the wireless microphone transmitters boast a 360-degree Omnidirectional pattern, capturing voices within a 20-foot radius with exceptional clarity. With a formidable transmission range of 500 feet, uninterrupted communication between transmitter and receiver is guaranteed. Moreover, each transmitter offers the unique capability of transmitting on two distinct channels, safeguarding against signal interference and ensuring continuous, seamless operation.

Martel's Wireless Microphone System is further enhanced with a new over 12-hour rechargeable battery pack integrated into each transmitter, providing unparalleled longevity ideal for extended courtroom sessions. Not reliant on courtroom Wi-Fi, this self-contained system offers unparalleled portability and can be swiftly set up in just two minutes.

Martel's Wireless Microphone System is built to the highest quality standards, making it the best choice for court reporters. Whether in busy courtrooms, large depositions, or active circuit courts, this system provides crystal-clear audio, ensuring every word is captured accurately. 


Our Court Reporter 6 Wireless Systems boast three remarkable features that set them apart:

Dual-channel Transmission:

-Each wireless transmitter simultaneously broadcasts on two channels, ensuring impeccable signal reliability. This innovative design eliminates the risk of losing any words due to interference, making it indispensable for court reporters who rely on uninterrupted audio capture.

-Automatic Interference Scanning: Our systems automatically scan for interference-free channels, guaranteeing that every word is captured with precision. This proactive approach ensures that court reporters never miss a crucial detail, even in challenging environments.

-Extended Battery Life and Broadcast Quality Audio: Each wireless transmitter offers over 12 hours of continuous transmission on a single charge, providing ample time for lengthy proceedings. Moreover, our systems deliver broadcast-quality audio, characterized by pure and rich sound reproduction. With uncompromising audio quality, court reporters can trust that every word is captured accurately and faithfully.

Our Court Reporter 6 Wireless Systems combine dual-channel transmission, automatic interference scanning, extended battery life, and broadcast-quality audio to meet the exacting demands of court reporting. Whether in the courtroom or during depositions, these systems empower court reporters to capture every word with confidence and precision.

Our New Feature: Stream the audio into a Steno machine and a Computer at the same time.


Record on your laptop and your writer at the same time. Live listening/Monitoring/Recording 2 separate backup recordings all at the same time. (Yes it's that good)

You will hear everyone even in the country's largest and oldest courtrooms, Guaranteed! 

#1 Ordered Wireless Microphone for Court Reporters around the World. 12-Hour Rechargeable Battery. Made exclusively for Court Reporters 12 Hour Rechargeable battery. Also, our wireless system can not be interrupted by other wireless devices. You will never lose any words or audio with our transmitters.  

So what is a 6 Wireless microphone system for Court Reporters & Courtrooms?

The system is comprised of 6 wireless microphone transmitters the size of a credit card. The wireless microphone transmitters can be placed anywhere you want in a room and do not have any wires connected to them. The audio from these microphone transmitters is sent wirelessly back to you and on your desk, you have 4 little receivers.  The mixer allows you to plug into 3 devices to record at the same time. I.E. Such as a computer and a steno writer or digital recorder. You can then listen to all of them at the same time through your digital recorder or computer or writer. Wherever you have a wireless microphone transmitter the voice will sound and be recorded perfectly. Each transmitter can pick up voices 20 feet around it in a 360-degree Omnidirectional pattern. The wireless microphone transmitters are powerful and can transmit 500 feet in distance from the transmitter to the receiver. Special feature: each transmitter can transmit the voices on 2 separate channels. This means no one can interfere with your signal and you won't miss any voices. If one signal is interrupted it switches to the open channel automatically ensuring you never miss any voices. Amazing only from Martel. Court Reporter products are designed at the highest quality levels. This is the Top of line Professional Grade wireless microphone system engineered especially for Court Reporters.

New Over 12 hour Rechargeable battery pack built into the transmitter. Perfect for all day in the courtroom. The Martel System is self-contained and does not need any WIFI from your courtroom. You will hear everyone like they are talking into your ear. Portable sets up in 2 minutes. Perfect for Court Reporters in Courtrooms, Large Depositions, or circuit court reporters who are in different rooms every day. 

Breck Record, CSR (TX), TCRR, FAPR, TMR, RMR, CRR, CRI, CCR (NM)
Official Court Reporter – 358th Judicial District Court
Certified Realtime Reporter - Texas and National
Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters
TCRA Technology Chairman
SCO - Speed Contest Opinion - TCRA Speed Contest Literary - "See It Write Now"

The wireless microphones in this package will give you extremely high-quality audio. The rechargeable battery in the wireless microphone will last 12 hours or a complete courtroom day. You will never have to buy batteries again. Yes, you can plug the Receiver and Transmitter into the wall outlet and have them stay on continually. You do not have to have Wi-Fi in your courtroom to use our wireless microphones. 

There is NO LAG or Delay in our wireless system! Perfect for large courtrooms with Social Distancing. DESIGNED TO GO THROUGH PLEXIGLASS

If you are in a large courtroom and the acoustics are bad this package is the solution. The 6 wireless microphones will allow you to hear everyone, even if they are walking around. These special wireless microphones send on 2 separate channels. This means you won't have any drop out of audio from interference. No one can interfere with your wireless transmission.

This wireless microphone scans the frequencies and chooses the best clearest channels for you automatically. You will have interference-free audio.
6 wireless microphone recording systems for court reporters using all CAT software

Here is how it works, you receive 4 wireless microphone transmitters that can be dropped anywhere you cannot run a wired microphone. Next, you have 4 little receiver boxes that are synced to the 4 wireless transmitters. You plug those receiver units into the microphone socket on your laptop or digital recorder. We provide everything you need, including rechargeable batteries for the wireless transmitters which last 12 hours continuously. The small receiver packs run on ac adapters we provide. 

6 Tack Recording - This is the only 6 wireless Microphone package that is capable of doing 6 Tracks recording Exclusively.  

This system is compatible with 6 separate recording track software. Receiver 1 can be connected to track 1 and so on. This will allow you to have a judge on a separate channel from the witness.
Our wireless package is compatible with Stenograph, Procat, Aristo Cat, Eclipse, and all other CAT recording programs.

Receiver 1 can be connected to track 1 and so on. This will allow you to have a judge on a separate channel from the witness.

You are able to record 3 separate devices and or recorders at the same time.

You can record on the Laptop, Steno machine, or digital recorder, it works with everything. We provide you with 2 output cables so you can make 2 exact copies at the same time. For example, record with the laptop and your steno writer. The Martel wireless microphones are self-contained and do not require WiFi. They work like your home wireless phone.

Compatible Steno Writers:

The 4 wireless microphone records into your steno machine. Our wireless microphone system is compatible with all steno writers with audiosync capabilities. You will never struggle to hear anyone again. The Wifi Ears is compatible with Eclipse and all other CAT recording programs. 

We all know it's impossible to hear in certain spots around the courtroom.  For many years now court reporters have been asking us for wireless microphone systems that have exceptional audio quality, are small and compact in size, and have over a 12 rechargeable battery life.

Wi-Fi Ears - Courtroom 4 Wireless Microphone Features:

-12 hours of Recording time is enough for the entire court day

-Compatible with all CAT programs, Eclipse, Stenograph’s Case Catalyst, Stenocat, Procat, Digital Cat, Stenocat, JAVs, FTR and others. 

-No dropping of voices 

-Avoid interference from other devices 

-Scans its own frequencies and chose interference-free channels 

-Range up to 500 feet 

-High-quality voice audio

-360-degree microphone pick-up range  

-Made exclusively for Court Reporters 

-Listen with headsets and record at the same time 

-Sync to Court Reporter Audiosync software

-4 Small wireless microphones to drop anywhere you can hear in the courtroom 

-No set up required

-Weighs less than 4lbs with Case. Portable sets up in 2 minutes.

These microphones are wireless and have no cables attached to them. This is a perfect wireless system for courtrooms or any hard-to-hear conference room with a lot of people in attendance. 

You can monitor 1 Wireless microphone at a time or all 4. For example, if you have 1 wireless microphone the judge can just listen to his sidebar without having to listen to the other wireless microphones. Truly amazing. So you don't have to get up anymore to hear sidebars!

Yes it works with AudioSync. 

The wireless transmits the audio back to 4 small receiver boxes that can be hooked into a computer or writer or digital recorder for recording. At the same time, you can real-time monitor the audio through your headphones. 

The best High Gain Wireless Microphone and Monitor for Courtroom/Deposition use - drop 4 wireless microphones anywhere in the court & hear clearly what is being said by the judge, witness, and attorneys. Now you have enough wireless microphones to cover the entire courtroom. 

The Martel court reporter wireless microphone uses a frequency range that is free of radio and TV interference. Our wireless has CD-quality audio and is much better than older UHF and VHF wireless systems. 

This 4 channel wireless microphone system is a dream of most court reporters for years. A comparable system that can have 4 microphones and 1 receiver can cost you as much as $4000. We offer 6 wireless microphones with transmitters and 4 receivers for an unbelievable price. If you bought each kit separately you would spend $6000 for this package. This is a limited-time offer.

You can connect the receiver and the transmitter to their AC wall plug at any time and power them up continually for super long days if you need more than 10 hours of wireless time.

Complete, ready-to-use 4-channel Multi-track USB wireless microphone recording system for courts using Eclipse mealtime software. Complete ready-to-use 6 wireless microphone system. This system is designed for Eclipse users as well.  The system connects up to 6 microphones total, monitor what the microphones are picking up through headphones plugged into the computer, and record from all microphones on up to 4 separate mono tracks in Eclipse. Complete, ready-to-use 4-channel wireless microphone recording system for court reporters using all CAT software.

Wi-Fi Ears Package includes:

-6 Martel Wireless microphone transmitters

-6 Martel wireless receiver for connection to steno writer/laptop/digital recorder

-Martel Telephone support for the life of the product

-6 Long lasting rechargeable batteries and charger

-6 ac adapters for the receivers

-Hard-shell Carrying Case

-1 USB output connector for your CAT computer for live recording & Monitoring

-1 3.5MM output plug for your writer.

-You are able to record 2 separate devices\recorders at the same time.

Compatible with the following devices:

-Stenograph Case CATalyst

-Eclipse CAT Software


-Case CATalyst

-Stenovations DigitalCAT

-ProCAT Winner










-Elan Mira









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Additional Information

Wireless Microphones:
6 Transmitters
Court Room Coverage Area:
500 Feet in all directions
Receivers Connection:
Small Audio Mixer
Connection to Computer:
Connection to Wrtier:
3.5 MM Stereo Male
Connection to Digital Recorder:
3.5 MM Stereo Male
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