Zoom Court Reporting

Zoom Court Reporting

Question: what is Zoom Compatible Court Reporting?

Answer: Zoom Compatible Court Reporting connector is a way for a Court Reporter to join remotely from home a meeting to make a transcript. They can join and record the deposition, hearing, or court case from anywhere. This is an important message to Court Reporters to keep them safe. 

Martel Electronics has the answer to what all the Court Reporters in the world are asking to buy.

We have the World's only Martel Zoom HQ Audiosync professional connection solution. Made exclusively for Court Reporters.

  • Court Reporter wireless headset for zoom and court reporting

    Sony Wireless Headphones For Court Reporters


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      Professional Sony Quality Wireless Headphones for Court Reporters  Wire-free and easy Listen to your music all day, without interruption. Stream wirelessly with a BLUETOOTH®3 connection, with easy pairing thanks to NFC™...
    Sale Price $89.99
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