Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders

Bringing high quality digital voice recorders to the public for the last 63 years has taught us a lot about dictation machines.

First, we sold lawyers dictation machine, then dictation recorders, and now digital dictation machines of all types. Our relationship as an official dealer with all the major manufacturers allows us to bring you the best digital voice recorders, at the best price. Whether it's for something as simple as consumer dictation machines, or other applications like conference meeting recording, city council meetings, or court reporting, we have a digital voice recorder solution to fit your needs. Shop the worlds largest range of conference recorder sets at Martel, We're sure to have the meeting recorder system for your recording needs.

  • Free Bonus Hard Shell Carrying Case
    New Rewind Playback Feature
    2 Separate Channels
    Court Reporter using the Martel Stenomask in court  Headphone input jack  Stenomask Tech recorder Top of the 2 channel recorderdm671 side views Stenomask mask recorder

    Two Channel Recorder for Stenomask Reporters

    Martel Electronics

    Sale Price $699.99
    2 Channel Digital voice recorder for stenomask reporters for years.  Record, Rewind and Read-back.  NEW Exclusive Pitch control enables  of playback speed Voices to slowed down and sped up from -40% to +20% NEW Exclusive SD Memory Card...
    Sale Price $699.99
  • connect to court reporters laptop

    Olympus LSPRO Backup Recorder

    Olympus Dictation Equipment

    Sale Price $179.99
      A low priced alternative to the professional grade digital court reporter recorders, the Olympus LSPRO is capable of delivering a quality backup. Please note, this recorder does not have the ability to filter out wifi, radio, Iphone and...
    Sale Price $179.99
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  • Philips DPM 6000 dictation recorder package

    Philips Dictation Machine

    Philips Dictation Equipment

    Sale Price $299.99
    Philips DPM-6000 Dictation Machine The DPM-6000 has nearly the same functions as the DPM-8000, but does not have the easy to use slide control. Instead, it relies on buttons for controls such as FF, REW, PLAY, STOP and PAUSE. Please note the download...
    Sale Price $299.99