Portable CD Meeting Recorder with 2 Free Conference Microphones Replacement for the Marantz CDR310\CDR420

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  • Replaces the Marantz CD Recorder CDR310 & CDR420
  • cd meeting recorder
  • Front controls for the Martel CD Recorder 4
  • Voice Grabber 48 Volt non battery meeting microphones
  • Martel CD Recorder 4 controls
  • Martel CD Recorder 4 microphone inputs
  • battery compartment for cd recorder
  • Side of the Martel CD Recorder 4
  • CD recorder microphones
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So what sets the seed meeting recorder apart from the rest of the conference recorders you see on the web. Well, there are 2 specific features. One is the recording of the mp3 files directly to a flash thumb drive. Next is the ability to burn a CD on the spot without a computer. You can burn as many CDs as you need and hand them out, or archive them.

If you were looking for a Marantz CDR310 or CDR420 CD recorder the Martel CD Recorder 4 is the only CD portable meeting voice recorder still being made. The button and features are almost the same as the previous models, but The Martel CD Recorder 4 has a few more features.

Includes 2 Professional Voice Grabber meeting/conference recording microphones that do not require batteries. Worth $130 each $260 Free with purchase.  

Have you ever wished you had something that worked like a meeting tape recorder, that simply popped you out a CD at the end of the days recording, just like a tape in the old days? The Martel CD Recorder does this exactly, working like a normal tape recorder until it automatically burns you a CD when you're done recording.

You can Record and Playback with this recorder. It has a great speaker and a headphone jack.

Court reporters can now just buy a 3 cent CD instead of cassette tapes or memory cards and have a solid physical backup to save their record. If the judge requests a copy of your recording, just hit the burn button and hand them one right out of the best meeting recorder device for CD burning.

The Martel CD Conference Recorder is perfect for Government and meeting recording applications due to its liability, compliance, because the battery backup protects files from becoming deleted or corrupted in case of power loss. It even continues recording even if AC power is interrupted. This is a unique feature available on this unit only. You can record either to a USB Flash Drive or internal memory, and recordings are automatically Time/Date stamped for easy identification.

The 2 internal built-in microphones will pick up around 35 feet in a circular 360 pattern.  

In addition to court reporters, the Martel CD Recorder 4 is a great fit for Churches, Government, Business Conferences, Education and Law Enforcement. It's been tested in dozens of police department interrogation rooms across the country.

Here at Martel we choose conference recording equipment based primarily upon two factors, reliability and ease of use. The Martel CD Recorder 4 backs up all recordings as it goes along, so if the power dies or the recorder is turned off, you won't lose anything. At all times it is recorded to both an SD memory card and a flash memory.

As for ease of use, we have a large color display that helps you navigate the CD recorder features. The low weight and small size, plus battery operation make it portable for use anywhere. 

Record in either of 2 file formats, .MP3 or .WAV. The MP3 format gets you 40 plus hours on a compact disc, and the WAV format allows for broadcast quality.

USB for Easy Transfer of Files to PC or Flash Drive
Connect to your computer for quick file transfer, or copy files onto a USB storage device for convenience.

Misplaced the manual? No worries! The Martel CD Recorder 4 features an onboard EZ Guide that gives you step-by-step instructions for common operations. Just press the EZ Guide button on the front panel, select the pertinent subject from the menu, and you're good to go. Couldn't be simpler!

Most importantly though, when choosing meeting recording equipment, consider that the Martel CD Recorder 4 is manufactured in Japan, in an ISO certified tech facility. This guarantees a quality machine that will last for years.

Power Requirements  110 Volt U.S. to 220 Volt Europe.




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Warranty Information

  • Martel Portable CD Recorder 4
  • CD Ac Adapter
  • 2 Free Voice Grabber Professional Microphones 48 volt Phantom powered
  • User manual
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Additional Information

Compact Disc Recorder
CD Recording:
Recording Format:
WAV, MP3, CD-DA 16bit/24bit Recording Format: linear PCM WAV 44.1KHz
Sample Rate:
Maximum Recording File Size:
High-resolution 3.5-inch TFT LCD Color Display
Power Requirements:
15 VDC 1.6A Center Pin Positive AC 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz Power Supply Battery 8 X “AA” Alkaline or Ni-MH
10.5(W) 3.3(H) 7.8(D) in
4.6 lb / 2.1 Kg without Batteries
Internal Speaker:
3.5 cm X 2
Internal Microphones:
Electret Condenser X 2
Phantom Power:
48 V 10 mA max
USB Connection:
USB 2.0 High speed
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Simple, simple, simple I love our new conference recorder

    Posted by Sally V. on 1st Oct 2014

    We had a old system before with 2 decks. It was slow and expensive to run. The Martel cd conference recording system is way too easy. We even hooked it up to our fender PA system and we are good to go. The recorder can record to a thumb drive and then it burns to a cd. Its the best of both worlds and it works.

  • 5
    The marantz cdr310 is no longer avaiable, luckily this is the replacement exact model

    Posted by Abby on 28th Jul 2014

    I am so disappointed that the marantz cdr310 and cdr420 cd recorders are discontinued. I am so happy I found the exact replacement on this website. You can only get it here, its a exclusive.

  • 5
    Marantz CDR310 replacement

    Posted by Steven on 27th Jul 2014

    I learned just last week after my marantz cdr310 cd recorder broke that is was discontinued. The great news it that this unit is the exact replacement and its cheaper. The code 1900 replaced the marantz cdr310.

  • 5
    Portable cd recorder for meetings and conference recording on the go

    Posted by Billy on 15th Jul 2014

    When our city need a way to record our minutes at our conferences we looked around and Martel had the worlds only portable cd recorder for meetings. It has the ability to record to a flash drive then onto a cd right in the machine. This allows us to move from room to room for easy set up and once the cd are burned we can hand them to a transcriptionist secretary to have them transcribed into transcripts. We have also lately uploaded them to our city website so the citizens can listen to them on the web. Wow now thats a great solution for government. The Martel CD recorder 4 is well worth the money. I especially enjoyed the tape recorder buttons. Very simple.

  • 5
    The Marantz CDR310 has been discontinued its replacement is the Martel code 1900

    Posted by Trevor on 6th Jul 2014

    The marantz cdr310 is no longer available and has been discontinued. Luckily Martel has a exact replacement the Martel code 1900 its the same thing.

  • 5
    I bought 2 of these to replace my Marantz CDR-310 unit

    Posted by Phil M. on 2nd May 2014

    Seems to be the same unit as the Marantz CDR310 but is much simpler to use. I think the Marantz and this unit are made in the same factory.

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