Police Interview/Interrogation Room Audio CD Recorder

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  • The worlds only CD police interview room recorder
  • Interrogation Room Cd recorder for law enforcement
  • Police interview room concealed ceiling microphones
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The CD police interview recorder is the perfect system for recording interrogations direct to CD. A simple, secure and safe way to record a suspect's confession, if you are a law enforcement agency with a budget.

The CD 6 recording system records directly to a USB thumb drive and with the click of a button produces a broadcast-quality CD with a time/date stamp. The easy user interface has familiar buttons such a record, play, rewind and easily burns a CD audio disc. One of the technical questions you may be asking is, how many hours can I record on a 5 cent CD? Around 11 hours.

If your interrogation lasts longer than that you can burn to audio CDs, the system will automatically segment so you don't lose any evidence. Now let's get to the juicy part. As part of the system, we include 2 stereo police interview room microphones. This means you don't ever need batteries with the microphones. It's two microphones are tabletop style, but you have a second option as well. These microphones are so versatile that you can conceal them behind wall plates or ceiling panels. Concealment of the microphones is one of our specialties. The microphones have adjustable sensitivity controls right on the CD six recording unit. This means you can control the levels of the microphones, so if you have them in the ceiling panels or behind an exit sign in the interrogation room and you're not picking up enough audio, you can turn up the volume to make them more sensitive to the voice. We also include 25-foot cables so you can wire them around to specific locations around the room.

If you have a lot of background noise in your interview room or it's close to an outside parking lot, we include special professional interview room microphone windscreens to block out ambient noise. So you're thinking, you don't know my interview room layout. It's the noisiest room in our Police Department and it has cement walls that echo and cause all kinds of reverberation in that room. We have a solution for that. The unit has a built-in equalizer letting you cut out the super high end and low-end sounds. This will help you fine-tune your room and you will learn to love the Martel CD audio interview room recorder. Additionally, the unit is portable and can be changed from room to room or in the field for interviews.

The Martel CD Conference Recorder is perfect for Government and meeting recording systems due to its liability, compliance because the battery backup protects files from becoming deleted or corrupted in case of power loss. It even continues recording even if AC power is interrupted. This is a unique feature available in this unit only. You can record either to a USB Flash Drive or internal memory, and recordings are automatically Time/Date stamped for easy identification.
The unit comes with the wall power supply, or you can run it on an AA battery. This kit also works well for on the go surveillance. Okay, so you're asking what's the sound quality difference between my old analog recorder and the new CD voice/interrogation recorder. It's the difference between VHS and Blu-ray.

police interview room recording equipment

If you need help or you would like to add specialized items to our police interview room audio recorder, please feel free to contact our expert team. One more super feature is the ability to playback the interrogation audio and slow it down or speed it up without distorting the audio through the tempo adjustment. You will find that this is one of the most effective tools your law-enforcement agency has at his disposal.

So I know at this point you are saying it's too good to be true. This entire package for around $1200. If you would like to place a large order for multiple quantities, please give us at least four weeks lead time because supplies of these are limited as these units are made in Japan at the high-quality manufacturing facility.

package includes the following:

  • Professional Simple CD MP3 Recorder
  • 2 Professional Police interview room Microphones can be on the table or concealed
  • 25 Feet Microphone cable
  • 2 tripod microphone stands
  • Ac adapter for the CD recorder also can run on AA Batteries
  • Windscreens for the microphones
  • Instruction manual 

police interview recording

Your District Attorney hates your Police Department audio evidence. Has your law enforcement agency heard this from your District Attorney? The audio evidence is so poor that it's going to be left out of court. We should probably just plead this one out. The problem with that is, you know the suspect is guilty and should be found guilty but your audio evidence is terrible. You've been using the same old recorder for your interrogation room since the 1980s. They even have Miami Vice stickers on the side. The one time that you tried to move to digital, you bought a PC system and it was a disaster that nobody can work. Your detectives don't want to work it and the equipment takes forever to boot up. By the time it booted up, the suspect had already said the important things, or even a confession All that evidence is missing and when you clicked stop on the mouse, the file is corrupted because the hard drive broke. All your audio evidence is rejected by the court and it was a huge mess with no way out. Does this sound like what was going on in your head every time you want to make a high-quality audio recording of an interrogation room interview?

I'm going to show you today how to set up and install a proper police interview room recording equipment system with an affordable price, and you won't need a computer or tape recorders.

You won't need mixers, consoles, Windows, an IT department, or anyone else who would complicate your life. This is the do it yourself for dummies interview room recording system. Okay, so here's the problem, in a nutshell, you enter the interview room and read the suspect their rights, and then you start asking questions trying to get to the answers or least get to the truth. But your detectives are not technical guys, you just need a system you could hit a record button, and then simply press a button and burn a CD that you can hand to a district attorney and be done. It would also be nice if you could burn a second CD for so you would have a copy in your evidence room. The Martel interview recording system can do all that for under a thousand dollars. It comes with a standalone digital audio recorder about the size of a cigar box and has a built-in CD burner in it. The files are recorded to an SD card in MP3 format which can play anywhere, especially the courtroom. As the files are recorded, it's your choice of downloading them to a computer or burning them to CD right on the spot. So your interrogation room is about a 10 x 10 or eight by eight room made of cement with bad acoustics, noisy air conditioner, fan, and a window to the outside that is single pane which adds to the noise from the traffic passing by your police station. So how can you fix the bad acoustics in your interrogation room, when the room was built in the 1980s or 70s?

The special Martel police interview room microphones have a noise reduction capsule on them and also come with a high-density foam windscreen that will reduce ambient noise. The CD six recorder has a delay audio button which allows you to stagger the incoming voice from suspects making noise on the table plus take out echo while cleaning up your audio before it gets to the recorder. Also on the same adjustment, you can get rid of the reverb and any other audio distortion problems you have in your room. We know what you need because we've been in the recording business for Police Departments for over 15 years now. We produce the world's highest quality police interview room audio CD recording kits, that will make perfect evidence every time. You won't need to go to a training school to learn how to use it. It may frustrate your IT Department when they learn you don't need them anymore, but it's going to be one less thing your chief or captain worries about. This is a simple, secure, safe way to store your evidence for at least 25 years plus.

Okay, so you've got high-quality surveillance microphones built for interrogation rooms, how do you position them to take full advantage of the HD audio that you should be getting from the recording system? So the best pattern is to place one microphone on table 2 to 4 feet facing the suspect and place the other microphone 3 feet in front of the detective or law-enforcement agent in the opposite direction. The microphones are uni-directional, which means they come out in a shotgun pattern negating ambient noise or air-conditioning sound. The recorder can be placed on the same table if you choose to, or It comes with 25 feet of cable that you can use to place the recorder in the viewing room next-door. Now you're saying to me, that you don't want the suspect to know he's being audio recorded. The same microphone can be concealed in the ceiling tiles or the wall next to exit signs electrical boxes, or anyplace else. Remember the microphone just needs about an eraser size head showing, to hear the voice in the room. On the CD six recording side, you will have full control over how sensitive the microphones are, you can gain them up if I suspect is whispering or turn them down if he is yelling.


Will you place it on the table next to the detective, or are we going to move into another room. Well, it's personal preference and it comes down to discretion. Do you want to suspect knowing you're recording? Will he clam up if he sees a recorder on the desk?. This choice is pretty self-evident, but if you need help we are there. The second choice is to have the CD six forensic interview equipment recorder in an observation room next door. In this option you would have a second detective or police officer with headphones starting and stopping and making adjustments to the recorder as the interview is taking place. We also have high-quality Bose speakers, which you can plug into the CD interview room recording systems and the audio can be piped into that room so everyone can hear without headphones. We've included 25 feet of cable for your microphones, and we also can extend that up two hundred feet if you need more. With the second option in the observation room, you may have concealed microphones in the ceiling tiles or into wall plates. This is where the cabling comes through, we use high-quality triple shielded microphone cable which carries the phantom power and gives the microphones the ability to adjust up and down. All the microphone cabling is concealed and you've got them plugged into a table where the recorder is sitting in the observation room, now what?

Let's fire up this interview room audio recording system up. I would encourage you to use the headphones we've included in the kit. At this point, we could test the audio by just hitting the record button. If you get lost, there's an easy button that takes you through the entire process on the top of the recorder. Remember to have the Phantom 48V power on for this, as it's the way the microphone's excess power and give you the sensitivity you need to pick up the suspects voices. If you start listening to the audio coming through your headphones, and you were noticing an echo, we need to stop and adjust the delay on the recorder. Luckily, you have the world's only recorder with the ability to adjust echo, and even control reverb, all in one little simple package. Adjusting the reverb control will adjust the timing of the audio coming into the recorder, thereby eliminating the reverb from cement walls or bad acoustics in your interview room. No other system has this, so please take full advantage. If you need help, we can walk you through a strategy to get the peak performance out of your police interview room system.

I would encourage you to have two detectives sit in the room, and have a third officer controlling the system. Let them do some interviews, then stop the recorder and burn a CD. Take it out to their car to play it and get a real feel of what they need to do to get this unit recording a confession. If you let them do this a few times, you'll find that they will grow very confident in their ability to operate the system as its much easier than their old analog systems. All you have to do is wait for your first case, and the look on your District Attorneys face will say it all. You'll hear, "where did you get this audio, it's beautiful, I've never had audio evidence like this before." You can just smile and tell him you got it from a trusted friend, Martel Electronics. Who's been helping police departments obtain affordable, high-quality audio recording systems that anyone can work, since 1957.

The CD six police interview room recording equipment comes as a package. Everything you need is in the package, microphones, cables, stands, etc. All you need to do your job is there, ready to go once you open up the box from Martel. If you have a special application to your Police Department and would like to talk to a technical expert, we're available from 8 to 5 Pacific standard time, or you can e-mail


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Warranty Information

  • 2 Martel Professional Microphones - Covert/Table top
  • 25 Feet Microphone Cables
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    Wow, The interview of a suspect a just recorded is PERFECT!

    Posted by Mark E. on 21st Oct 2014

    We just received our CD interrogation room audio recorder about a week ago. I set is up in a small cramped room we use for suspects, its about the size of phone booth. It was simple. The recorder had a record button just like our our system. I hit record, then stop, I put a blank cd in the front loader and pressed burn! 2 minutes later I had a cd. So I pressed burn and made a second cd, we went out to my car and played it in the stereo and it was super clear. I put the microphones on the table one facing me and the other one facing the suspect. I think when I get more time I will put the digital recorder in the next room and conceal the microphones in the wall ac plates or ceiling tiles like they said I could. That way the perps cant tell I am making a broadcast quality recording of the interview. My DA is going to love this and it was all super affordable. I can not wait to close a case using the audio I got from the Martel interrogation room system.

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