Police in-Car Camera Systems

Police in-Car Camera Systems

For over 63 years now Martel has been providing Police Car Camera Systems. We are obsessed with quality and ease of use. That's why we supply thousands of departments with ready to use solutions.  Free Demo Units Click Here.police-car-camera-systems-guarantee.jpg

10 Reason your police department needs "police car camera", Police in-car video system: 

  1. Police-Car-Cameras, help prove probable cause for search and seizure, often leading to drug money forfeiture.
  2. 82% of drunk driving offenders plead no contest, saving the department time and money from not attending court.
  3. The LAPD alone has paid tens of millions in lawsuits on unsubstantiated claims due to a lack of police in car video systems. No police in-car camera video system mirror monitor.
  4. Officer training improves as officer stops are reviewed and critiqued from their Police Dash Camera.
  5. 93% of incidents where a complaint is filed against an officer with a police car camera system, the officer is exonerated.
  6. Violence against officers decreases as offenders are reluctant to assault officers or become belligerent while on Police Car Camera.
  7. Officer courtesy improves, leading to better community relations.
  8. Following of departmental procedure increases on average 48%, resulting in increased policing efficiency.
  9. 97% reduction in filing complaints against officers when the civilian is informed they are being taped by a police dash cam system. Police in-car video systems reviews.
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    Police Dash Cam System MDP6

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