Police Car Camera Accessories

Police Car Camera Accessories

Martel manufactures the worlds largest line of accessories for police car cameras. Today we offer a robust array of accessories for in-car camera system and body worn cameras.  


Police Car Camera in-car video system. Police in-car video systems reviews.

Exclusive police car camera accessories can range from radar interfaces to crash sensors, mounting options, that are extremely hard to find. You can fully customize your camera to enjoy all the benefits that come from quality video evidence.  

  • Police Dash Cam system for police cars

    Police Dash Cam System MDP6

    Martel Police Car Camera Systems

    Sale Price $1,999.99
    The only Smallest Police Dash Cam System in the world you can use inside and outside the police car!  The Worlds Only Police Car Camera System usable both Inside and Outside the vehicle. The Digital Partner 6 HD...
    Sale Price $1,999.99