MDE2 Police In-Car Video System

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  • MDE2 police car camera system
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Martel MDE2 Police In-Car Video System

Camera In-Car Video System for Police and Security, Includes Touch Screen Monitor, Front Cam, Rear Cam, DVR, Software and Wireless Mic

The Martel Digital Enterceptor-2 has quickly become the United States Standard Digital Police Car video system in and a majority of Sheriff and Police departments in all 50 states. We have over 5,000 state and local law enforcement agencies as customers.

The Martel MDE2 is the Next generation of Police Mobile Digital Video Systems.

police car camera wireless uploading videos to station from police car

We combined state-of-the-art digital recording and easy video archiving to make your life simple. Martel's Digital MDE2 police in car video system has key distinct advantages to law enforcement agencies: Touch Screen controls, No moving parts, pre-event recording, lawsuit protection. 


We have eliminated any moving parts, including buttons. We use advanced touch screens in the system so there is nothing to break down on you.
Our new Digital MDE2 is the most significant police in-car video system since VHS was introduced in the late 1970s. It is the first video system that completely overcomes the drawbacks of tape systems without introducing the new set of back office computer problems and court admissibility issues inherent with all other digital video systems.


Police car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Download


Here's how Police Car Cameras Wireless Automatic Video downloading 802.11n works:

The Police car with a MDE2 system in it, drives near the police station. The MDE2 system automatically connects to a 802.11 N wireless network that has been provided by Martel. The Police Car Camera system sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station.

Indicator lights on your touch screen will tell you when a fully encrypted high speed connection is made. Red, for no connection. Yellow, for a weak connection and Green for a strong connection. 


Martel MDE2 Features:

  • New 2 Piece Design Fits any Vehicle! Every unit is hand assembled by an American engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Each system is individually signed by that same craftsman as a symbol of pride and experience
  • New, Touch Screen controls just like the Apple iPhone. - No old fashion buttons.
  • Our MDE2 Unit Mounts on the visor and is a steel, Lockable vault for maximum protection against suspects.
  • NEW, Switch Users of the MDE2 by inserting the Flash Thumb drive into the front door of the unit. This allows the department to hot seat cars and change user information with a supervisor.
  • New, License Plate Auto Zoom. Just push the ZOOM button on the touch screen and the camera will Zoom in on the license plate, focus for 3 seconds and zoom back to its original setting. Industry First.
  • New, Radar Interfacing cable displays radar information onto the video system
  • Touch Screen Controls for easy recording.
  • Pre-Alarm Recording - Captures up to 3 minutes of video prior to record activation. It's like having your own personal Time Machine! (Definition of Pre-event recording: The unit constantly captures images and puts them in temporary memory. When a trigger is received, the unit starts recording to the Secure Digital (SDHC) card, but it also has up to 3 minutes before the officer activated the recording. Pre-event recording: The unit constantly captures images and puts them in temporary memory. When a trigger is received, the unit starts recording to the Secure Digital (SDHC) card, but it also has up to 3 minutes before the officer activated the recording.
  • Adjustable Pre-Alarm setting: 1 to 2 minutes
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone - 40 digital channels ensures multiple systems can operate in proximity without interference Wireless Mic Auto Activation - the MDE2 automatically turns on the wireless microphone whenever the system is activated. Likewise, the wireless microphone activates the MDE2. This means never worrying your officer forgot to turn on their either their video or audio recording.
  • Martel MDE2 has No moving parts, which means nothing can break down. No hard drives, no spinning DVD burners, no moving parts. 
  • Martel MDE2 records directly to Solid State Secure Digital (SDHC) Flash cards.
  • 32 Gigabyte SDHC card can hold 64 Hours of Recording Time on normal mode & 5 hours on high resolution.
  • Recording Over Protection - officers can review video but cannot delete or rewrite.
  • Built to withstand Temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit (4.44 degree Celsius) to 190+ Fahrenheit without a heater or cooling fans!
  • Easy to learn 3 Button operation: Record, Play, Auto Zoom on the license plate.
  • On Screen indicators show "W" when your wireless microphone is activated. "L" for light bar, "B" for brakes.
  • Simple 1 piece design for easy installation - Installs in minutes. Nothing in the Trunk of the Car!
  • Linux Direct operating system. The operating system is not based on a PC and there are NO Windows operating system crashes.
  • Optional GPS: With an external GPS receiver module the system can record both Location and Speed of the police vehicle.
  • Maintenance Free
 Sales Only to Law Enforcement Agencies  
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1 Review

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    Amazing in-car camera durability for police

    Posted by Brian S. on 12th Dec 2019

    Our police departments have had the MDE2 police car camera system for over 11 years now. We had never had one break. I would recommend Martel to every police agency.

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