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Court Reporter Microphones

Court Reporter Microphones

Court reporting microphones are one of our passions here at Martel. Over 64 years of speaking to court reporters has given us real insight into their microphone needs. Whether you need a microphone for your elan mira, fusion or diamante steno machine, or for your audiosync program like Eclipse or CaseCatalyst, we have it. Not just any old conference microphone though, our mics utilize IC chips used in hearing aids to filter out background noise and maximize voice levels. We offer Expert Court Reporter microphone advice and free technical support. Shop for the best court reporter microphones designed exclusively for Court Reporters.

Court Reporter Microphone Comparison Guide Sheet
Uses a Battery Yes Yes No
Laptop Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Steno Machine Compatible Yes Yes No
Active Hearing Aid Voice Tracking &
Noise Canceling only From Martel
Yes Yes Yes
Price HGM1 $179.00 BuyNow     HGM-2 $179.00 BuyNow HGMUSB $295.00 Buynow
  • Microphone to USB Converter for Court Reporters

    Microphone to USB Converter for Court Reporters

    Marantz Professional

    Sale Price $49.99
    Microphone to USB Converter for Court Reporters This is a 1/8 to USB microphone converter. You can plug your microphone into this small USB sound card and it will send your microphone audio directly into your computer. So if you have only 1 socket on...
    Sale Price $49.99