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Court Reporter Audiosync Radio Signal/Wifi filter for Laptops

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Blocks Radio Signals from Audiosync Recording
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Do you have a strange buzzing or humming on your audiosync recording? Want to get rid of it?

Here's the problem. When cell phones, tablets, or radio stations are in range of your laptop, you will notice a hum or buzzing. You probably won't notice this interference until you go to playback the file. As more and more smart phones are sold, a flood of data is being transmitted at all times during court. This steady stream of interference can ruin an entire days recording.

Here's the solution. The Court Reporter Audiosync Radio Signal/Wifi filter for Laptops clamps onto both the microphone cable and the Laptops AC power cord. This creates a ground isolation loop, preventing any signals from ending up on the record. 

Lawyers will never turn their phones off, even if a quality record is at stake. So block them out, with the audiosync filters rare Earth metals. 

Limited Quantities, 2 clamps included in each box.

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Completely fixed my problem!

    Posted by Jennifer Hack on 7th Mar 2016

    Martel - great service and great products, as always. Been using them for 15 years and never been disappointed.

  • 5
    Finally some thing that can help my Deposition recordings!!!, 3/21/2009

    Posted by Dorothy M. on 30th Apr 2014

    I have been having loud buzzing in my audiosync recordings for about a year now. I tried the Martel Radio grounder for court reporters laptops, and it helped allot with the buzzing. I am just glad someone is addressing this issue.

  • 5
    I also bought 2 of these nifty gadgets to ensure no interference with cell phones and my Laptop., 3/21/2009

    Posted by Alice U. on 30th Apr 2014

    The iphones are a significant problem with my Lawyers. The texting and emailing during the depositions made my very nervous. My videographer even told everyone to turn them off. I bought 2 of these devices just to make sure my laptop wont get any buzzing in my audiosync.

  • 5
    If you use a laptop and have a toshiba you need this clamp filter, 4/30/2009

    Posted by Aubrey on 30th Apr 2014

    I dont want to take any chances with my audio sync recordings. All the attorneys now have iphones and I get interference from them from time to time.

  • 4
    I was getting buzzing in my laptop also until I got the audiosync filter., 5/18/2009

    Posted by Jennifer K. (San Jose, CA) on 30th Apr 2014

    I own 2 of the audio-sync radio filters. I had just bought a brand new Toshiba last year when I started getting blackberry phone interference. The buzzing got worse when I was in glass high rises. Then a fellow NCRA member recommended Martel's audio-sync radio filter. I haven't had this problem since I installed them. I should have gone straight to Martel in the first place since I bought all my court reporter microphones from them. You need this filter if you are a real-time court reporter or cart reporter.

  • 5
    I got my audio sync radio filter last month., 5/19/2009

    Posted by Sandra T. (Huntsville, AL) on 30th Apr 2014

    I am used to buzzing in my recordings on my laptop. I just accepted it until I found this Martel device. I have 2 of these filters, one on my court reporter microphone and one on my laptops ac power cable. Its made a huge difference with buzzing. I recommend them to friends.

  • 5
    Toshiba Laptop melt down. Need a good court reporter microphone with cell phone filter., 5/26/2009

    Posted by Karla S. (St. Paul, MN) on 30th Apr 2014

    I have just got my laptop when I notice a loud buzzing in the audio recordings. I checked everything, then called around. I found this audio filter for court reporters that wraps around the court reporters microphone. It eliminated 90% of the buzzing. I recommended it to my court reporting firm for all the court reporter microphones. Since I have been using it on our court reporter microphone I have not had this static problem. All court reporter microphones should have this filter.

  • 5
    Stopped the buzzing in my Toshiba court reporter laptop., 12/21/2009

    Posted by Sally j. (Miami, FL) on 30th Apr 2014

    The filter for court reporters stopped the buzzing I was getting in my audio .wav file recordings. The court reporter microphone I use is great but the buzzing was horrible. The court reporter filter fixed it.

  • 5

    Posted by Jennifer Dallas on 30th Apr 2014

    I have been getting a buzzing noise in one Lawyers office for about 1 year now. My Eclipse software is perfect but the interference was making the audio useless. I have bought a Perfect COURT REPORTER MICROPHONE from Martel so I tried the audiosync filter. IT WORKS. I do not have the buzzing anymore. Its worth the $50. I bought 2 pairs one for my STENO MACHINE and one for my Laptop with the real-time. Next month I am going to buy the Digital recorder for court reporters the COURT REPORTER 5000. I cant take any chances with my Depositions audio files.

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