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New Technology Police Dictation Machines 

Police and law enforcement agents have to create a lot of paperwork. Their voice recordings have to be super accurate to be used in court. Interrogating suspects, taking witness statements and accurately creating documentation is crucial for police. Is there a better way for law enforcement to have a more efficient voice recorder that has the professional features of dictation machines and the voice recognition that lawyers enjoy, the answer is yes.

Dictation Machines for law enforcement are more important today than ever!

Today's climate allows officers to record voice without the issues that surround body cameras. The first issue with a body camera is that they require the consent of minors to record them. With dictation machines, you can record audio with an officer at any time. Most of all, the suspects never think twice about audio recordings. The third advantage of an audio dictation recorder is the size of the audio file. It's very small compared to video from a body camera. For example, a body camera records 1080P and in 1 hour it is approximately 1 Gigabyte. The same audio recordings from a Martel police audio recorder dictation machine is 10 Megabytes. That is a storage saving of 100X times smaller.

Police Audio Recording Interviews

Audio recording suspects interviews, victims and witnesses is a problem with officers. Often it is difficult to remember all the details. That is the perfect situation for the dictation machine that the officer is wearing. Creating evidence documents is one of the most time-consuming tasks an investigator does. The days of pen and paper are gone. These dictation voice recorders are designed for dictation but have all the features' law enforcement needs. The audio can be downloaded to a computer for storage and retrieval. When an officer is listening to the witness statements, they can get a higher degree of evidence, other than just hearing it the one time.

Voice Recognition for Law Enforcement

Dragon Law Enforcement Group streamlines paperwork and saves valuable time by up to 99%. While your day may be listening to people non-stop, we have you covered with voice recognition. Stop typing and allow voice to text to transcribe your interviews. Voice recognition has huge advantages in enforcing our laws. It manages large amounts of voice recording and makes document creation easier. It saves tax dollars and most of all officers frustration level when having to type in documents by hand. Dragon law enforcement price is $599.99 per user order now!

Speech recognition technology allows police and law enforcement agencies from local to Federal to accomplish document creation without stress. There is a special Law enforcement version of Dragon software a can only find it here at Martel. If you are a law enforcement agency call us for a custom quote and solution.

11th Jul 2019 Carl Williams

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